Section 230 Must Go

Missouri’s Josh Hawley is proving to be a lot less horrible than I feared. For instance, he’s proposing to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act that grants tech platforms the protections that publishers don’t have. Hawley argues that Facebook, Twitter and Co are not neutral discussion platforms that offer a “forum for a true diversity of political discourse.”

The measure he’s proposing doesn’t go nearly far enough for my liking but it’s better than nothing.


Trump raised $24 million since yesterday. Bernie raised $18 million in the entire first quarter. This is very troubling.

It’s not just the money. It’s the crowd enthusiasm, it’s Warren catching up with Bernie in the polls (and having neither the money not the crowds waiting outside in the rain.)

A lot can still change but how can one not worry?

Not Hopeful

Every time I start feeling hopeful about Bernie, he goes and does something idiotic. This time, he completely fell apart over the Trump rally:

“We have a president who is a racist, who is a sexist, who is a homophobe, who is a xenophobe and he is a religious bigot.”

First of all, Trump is religious like I’m a ballerina. And this vapid name-calling shows impotence and convinces nobody but those who are already in.

There were a lot of people at that rally, and even Fox reported that they were overwhelmingly interested in one issue on which Trump was not delivering: immigration. Bernie needs to lay off the SJW-speak and go back to “open borders are a Koch brothers project.”

Behavioral Modification

A reader left a great link on behavioral modifications pursued by tech companies:

What’s particularly intriguing about the coach, however, is that it’s attempting to modify human behavior in a way that is one step removed from Microsoft products themselves. It’s not suggesting different words rendered on a screen; it’s suggesting different words coming out of the user’s mouths. In this sense, it’s trying to change the way people act. “At the end of the day it’s their call if they want to take these suggestions,” says Johnson of how customers use the feature. “We’ll never enforce anything. We just want to make people aware.”

That’s for now, of course. Tomorrow, they’ll start punishing those who don’t want to take their suggestions.

The Trump Rally

Trump had a huge crowd at his announcement rally. People lined up since the day before, waiting for a chance to get in. Totally reminded me of how we queued for plastic mixing bowls back in USSR.

Can you imagine anybody waiting outside all night to hear Joe Biden speak? I fall asleep twenty seconds into anything he’s got to say.

Bernie could do it, though. He could bring out the crowds. Enthusiasm is important. Bernie is passionate, so he can summon enthusiasm.

Warren excites only eggheads. Do you know anybody without a degree who’s passionate about her? I don’t see it. Bernie, though, is definitely somebody with a chance. Right? And I totally see him holding his own Inna debate with Trump.

Plus, Bernie is an honorable guy. That’s important in this particular setup. He’s not a war-monger.