Classical Music Fans?

Anybody here into classical music? How do you say “concerto en si bémol mineur pour piano et orchestre” in English?

I’m having trouble with “si bémol mineur,” not the rest of it, obviously.


9 thoughts on “Classical Music Fans?”

    1. Thank you, friends, you rock.

      It’s C bémol in every language I speak but English just has to mess with my head.

      David, are you a musical genius as well as everything else?


        1. God, Mr. Gendron, you made the same mistake I did
          …a.k.a., quitting a musical instrument during one’s teens, even if you were getting half-way decent at it.
          I quit piano when I was 15 (Why?). I had already quit the flute a couple years earlier as well.


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