The Trump Rally

Trump had a huge crowd at his announcement rally. People lined up since the day before, waiting for a chance to get in. Totally reminded me of how we queued for plastic mixing bowls back in USSR.

Can you imagine anybody waiting outside all night to hear Joe Biden speak? I fall asleep twenty seconds into anything he’s got to say.

Bernie could do it, though. He could bring out the crowds. Enthusiasm is important. Bernie is passionate, so he can summon enthusiasm.

Warren excites only eggheads. Do you know anybody without a degree who’s passionate about her? I don’t see it. Bernie, though, is definitely somebody with a chance. Right? And I totally see him holding his own Inna debate with Trump.

Plus, Bernie is an honorable guy. That’s important in this particular setup. He’s not a war-monger.

20 thoughts on “The Trump Rally”

    1. I don’t think she knows her ass from her elbow but it’s not the point. Trump is dumb, too. But he has charisma,so he got elected.

      Warren has the charisma of a steamed clam. So it’s hopeless.


      1. If that were true, she wouldn’t be right behind Bernie in the polls. Funny how an academic is basically saying someone with her experience is worse than the backbencher from Vermont.


        1. Her experience of what, though? She’s so pampered and elitist she doesn’t even know how a public 4-year college works.

          Forget polls, we all know what they are worth. Can you see her bringing out a stadium full of passionate supporters in, say, Ohio? Illinois? Florida? Texas? Honestly?


          1. Not that Bernie is lacking in issues of his own. He’s old, something icky is bound to come up about him and the Russians, African Americans don’t like him.

            But I want somebody to win! And it’s got to be somebody who will get people excited.


            1. It’s worth noting that Bernie is polling much better with black voters than Warren is. He has his haters, but he’s somehow doing fairly decently with black voters despite not understanding them at all (he sent Cornel West to South Carolina. Cornel West! Who could think that’s a good idea?)

              Warren’s recent growth is entirely among white, college educated voters. That’s both her base and Pete’s base.


              1. Like I said, she appeals to eggheads. She makes them feel sophisticated for supporting “the smart candidate.” I’ve seen people float the “Warren-Buttigieg” ticket idea. Not surprisingly, they were college professors. 🙂


              2. On twitter, there’s a good number of people who think the primary will come down to Warren and Buttigieg. Because everyone they know likes those two. But at least one of the top two candidates is going to be someone with some appeal to uneducated voters and non-white voters (college educated white voters are like, a quarter of primary voters.)


              3. Last time I checked Bernie is the candidate who’s doing best with Hispanic voters. I have no idea why but I welcome it. That’ll help him in the California primary and it could help him flip Arizona in the general election, should he make it that far (right now I’m betting he won’t; I don’t know what the hell his campaign is trying to do right now but it’s not good, and it shows in his polling.)


              4. It’s odd that she’s increasingly getting this image as “the wonk.” That was my view of her before she ran, because she’s very smart about her specialty issue. But her policy plans right now are…the opposite of wonky. Bernie probably qualifies for the label more than she does; his tax plan is more sophisticated, for example (and it’s not that sophisticated.)


            1. Harvard is not a public college, though.

              I work at one and I’m telling you that her college proposal would mean the death of my school. And every public school in the state. I don’t believe she wants that, so I have to assume she’s acting out of ignorance.

              My college serves students from East St Louis and Southside Chicago. For free. But we need to be able to charge tuition from other students to keep doing this. She seems clueless about all this.


              1. “And starting in the early 2000s, the crisis was coming. I was waving my arms, ringing the bell, doing everything I could. I said families are getting cheated all over this country,” Warren said April 22 in Manchester, N.H. “It started when the mortgage companies targeted communities of color. They targeted seniors. They targeted Latinos. They came in and sold the worst possible mortgages and stripped wealth out of those communities, and then took those products across the nation. I went everywhere I could. I talked about it to anyone who would listen, a crisis is coming.”


                Yeah, she’ll drive the system into ruinz


              2. This is exactly the one issue where she is knowledgeable and effective. I admire her for that. But other issues, it’s crazy how bad she is.


          2. Yes I can.


            KURTZLEBEN: This latest campaign swing started in rural West Virginia but moved into larger cities in Ohio, another state badly hurt by the epidemic. Having plans is Warren’s brand. And Warren’s library of policy proposals is drawing voters like Rebecca Hooker, who came out to hear about college affordability.

            REBECCA HOOKER: The big one that I’m hearing a lot of press about that affects a lot of people is college loan forgiveness. I’m 53 years old, went back and completed my degree. And now I’m struggling with college debt.

            KURTZLEBEN: For others, it’s not just about what’s in the plans. It’s the fact that the plans exist. Here’s Patricia Casserly, a plumber who saw Warren in Columbus.

            PATRICIA CASSERLY: Plain and simple – she’s got follow-through, you know? A lot of them say a lot, but they don’t do much.

            KURTZLEBEN: But going to Columbus isn’t just about energizing people like Casserly. These days, polls show Warren vying for third place, well behind the familiar names of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. So a trip through Ohio also gets Warren much more exposure.

            CHRIS REDFERN: Columbus, for instance, is larger than Boston and Baltimore and Washington, D.C. It’s one of the top 15 cities in the country.


  1. Warren is Hillary minus the amazing charisma…

    Buttigieg is this year’s John Edwards….

    Biden is Bill Clinton without the executive gravitas….


    Bernie is the class of the field and the only one likely to connect with those who want to move the realignment forward (and not hold onto neoliberalism with all their might)


    1. I choked on my coffee when I saw the part about Hillary’s charisma. And then realized you were making a joke. I’m losing my already primitive sense of humor here.


      1. “Hillary’s charisma”

        To be fair, I don’t think Warren is the type to tolerate sex scandals in her surroundings (a definite and enthusiastic and completely serious thumbs up on that )… Biden? Buttigieg? I keep waiting for shoes to start dropping


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