Trump raised $24 million since yesterday. Bernie raised $18 million in the entire first quarter. This is very troubling.

It’s not just the money. It’s the crowd enthusiasm, it’s Warren catching up with Bernie in the polls (and having neither the money not the crowds waiting outside in the rain.)

A lot can still change but how can one not worry?


7 thoughts on “Worry”

  1. I am convinced Trump will win again, because far too many people approve of all that he is, even if they won’t admit it. I just don’t want us (Democrats) to waste a good candidate (Warren) on a doomed election (attempting to unseat a one-term president).


  2. This is largely because the Dem field is huge and people don’t want to donate to someone might not even be the nominee. I’m holding off on donating to anyone for that reason (not that I’m likely to donate much anyway.)

    Separately from that though, I feel like Bernie needs to make his campaign seem fresh and new. His 2016 campaign was a losing one, he needs to distinguish his 2020 campaign from it more than he does. A new logo would’ve been nice, for example.


  3. Don’t count Biden out yet! Today he accomplished an amazing feat that none of his fellow Democratic hopefuls have done in months: He actually got CNN and MSNBC to talk about somebody besides Donald Trump.

    CNN’s Don Lemon (yes, I know that nobody watches his show) spent the entire first 90 minutes of his 2-hr. show talking about NOTHING but Biden’s “I loved working with polite segregationists” faux pas. He replayed the tape of Biden’s comment FIVE times over the 90 minute period to discuss Biden’s words endlessly with at least half dozen different guests.

    During the same time slot, Fox’s Hannity had a prolonged telephone interview with Trump.


  4. Quit worrying so much about politics.
    Politics is bullshit!! All politicians are charlatan elitist bastards.
    …and societies and the world have already “blueprinted” their predetermined future strategies. Everything’s all rigged anyway. Quit believing in “the system”.


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