Forced Abortion

This is called eugenics and it’s really creepy:

Doctors ask judge to let them carry out an abortion on a mentally-ill woman who is 22 weeks pregnant – even though it is against her religion

Specialists caring for the woman, who is in her 20s and diagnosed with a ‘moderately severe’ learning disorder and a mood disorder, say a termination is in her best interests.

But the woman’s mother, a member of the Nigerian Igbo community, disagrees.

She said abortion is against her Roman Catholic religious beliefs and her cultural beliefs, and added she could care for the baby.

Bosses at the NHS trust, responsible for the woman’s care, have asked Mrs Justice Lieven to decide what is in the woman’s best interests.

It’s also racist. What, she’s too dumb and crazy to give birth? It doesn’t make this plan any more disgusting that it’s justified as concern for the woman.

Is she also going to be sterilized against her will? Where have we heard about these things before?

This comes on the heels of the terrifying case of a teenager who was euthanized because she was depressed. We keep hearing about the need to fight the stigma of mental illness. Forget stigma. We are at the stage of forced abortions and euthanasia.

Little Artist

Today Klara worked on her art project (painting and coloring) for 2 hours 10 minutes straight. At 3 years 4 months, I think it’s pretty amazing to have this kind of concentration.

And the attention to detail is just crazy. There were these little circles on the coloring picture, maybe half an inch or even smaller. And she broke each one up in three minuscule parts and colored each in different color. This takes a crapton of patience.

In all other activities, she’s a regular toddler, getting bored and needing to move on to something new every 20 minutes. But with art, she can just go on and on. She’s been like this since infancy. When she was 6 months old, we would do these huge art projects where we’d put stickers on large sheets of paper. She’d get this very serious look, stick her little tongue out and just go on and on. Not for hours, because at six months that’s an eternity, but for 30-40 minutes at a time.

It’s really interesting how kids develop passionate interests. My 9-year-old niece, for instance, is a dancer. She trains all the time and performs competitively. And this is something she’s been into since infancy, too. I remember when she was a tiny little tot and couldn’t even walk yet, she’d pull herself up to the music center stand and rock to the beat with a great sense of rhythm and a very serious facial expression. All kids love music but you could see she took it very seriously.

Nobody in the family is into the visual or performance arts, so we are all kind of stumped.

Question for Real Americans

Real Americans (as opposed to newcomers like me), please help us solve this mystery. My husband and I finished watching the TV series Americans that takes place in the early eighties. And throughout the show, all cars are these really huge American clunkers. There isn’t a Japanese or Korean car in sight.

When did the fashion for huge cars change and when did Japanese cars come to this continent en masse?

Younger or Fitter

Ageism is real. Yesterday we were weightlifting, and I was paired with a girl 20 years younger but with the same body type. The coach wanted to increase the weight and assumed it would be too much for me. In reality, it was almost too easy. I did twice the reps that the young girl did with, honestly, not that much effort.

People think younger must mean fitter but when you are the same weight at twenty as a woman twice your age who has given birth twice, you are probably not that fit. I mean, it’s great that the young girl is working out because without it, she’ll be in a really bad place by the time she gets to be my age.

We have a 50-year-old lady in the group who is kicking all our asses in weightlifting. So it’s not the age. It’s weight and the level of physical activity.

Boeing Wins

Tell me once again how Bernie Sanders is not in favor of dismantling the nation-state.

We are caught up between a guy who almost bombed Iran and a guy who wants to be the savior of humanity.

It’s always the same. Trump says, “it was wrong for us to invade Iraq,” people warm up to him, and he goes and almost bombs Iran.

Bernie says, “open borders are a Koch brothers project,” people warm up to him, and he goes and promises the Koch brothers that he’ll socialize their cost of business.

As somebody said on Twitter, no matter who you vote for Boeing always wins.

Just Win Already

From National Review:

Despite President Trump’s zealous immigration enforcement rhetoric, his administration has deported significantly fewer illegal immigrants than Barack Obama’s had at this point in his term.

It’s not the Russia idiocy that will tank him but that he’s breaking all of his campaign promises. The hostilities with Iran, the open borders – that’s what his opponents should be denouncing. Instead of the utterly inane spat between Booker and Biden, we need to be hearing from every candidate, “when I’m elected president, I vow to start no new wars. I vow to make detention centers unnecessary by this set of specific measures. I vow to go after every employer who exploits illegal labor and uses immigrants to undercut wages.”

This is what will win.