Boeing Wins

Tell me once again how Bernie Sanders is not in favor of dismantling the nation-state.

We are caught up between a guy who almost bombed Iran and a guy who wants to be the savior of humanity.

It’s always the same. Trump says, “it was wrong for us to invade Iraq,” people warm up to him, and he goes and almost bombs Iran.

Bernie says, “open borders are a Koch brothers project,” people warm up to him, and he goes and promises the Koch brothers that he’ll socialize their cost of business.

As somebody said on Twitter, no matter who you vote for Boeing always wins.

5 thoughts on “Boeing Wins”

  1. Every day I question further why I should even vote for Bernie. But looking around the primary field…what’s my alternative? There’s some people I like but they have zero chance of winning the primary so they’re irrelevant.


    1. Yeah, same situation here. It’s very discouraging. I don’t even know if I want to watch the debates although I probably will because I’m an addict.


        1. Open borders and decriminalizing human trafficking – nothing can go wrong there.

          I want the old Bernie back real bad. The one who was the champion of the working class, alien to the intersectional crowd.


          1. For a second there it seemed like he was getting the strength to stand up to the woke progressives. But I guess it gets difficult when that’s your entire campaign staff.

            If he doesn’t clean up his act soon, I may find myself voting for someone who has no chance of winning the primary like Amy Klobuchar or Tim Ryan. I hope it doesn’t come to this.


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