Just Win Already

From National Review:

Despite President Trump’s zealous immigration enforcement rhetoric, his administration has deported significantly fewer illegal immigrants than Barack Obama’s had at this point in his term.

It’s not the Russia idiocy that will tank him but that he’s breaking all of his campaign promises. The hostilities with Iran, the open borders – that’s what his opponents should be denouncing. Instead of the utterly inane spat between Booker and Biden, we need to be hearing from every candidate, “when I’m elected president, I vow to start no new wars. I vow to make detention centers unnecessary by this set of specific measures. I vow to go after every employer who exploits illegal labor and uses immigrants to undercut wages.”

This is what will win.

6 thoughts on “Just Win Already”

  1. Making grandiose promises they have no chance in hell of being able to keep, due to resistance from the forces within who are actually in control of this government?
    THAT’S what it takes to “win”?
    This is not exactly a world of transparency, you know.


  2. “when I’m elected president, I vow to..”

    Yeah, no democratic candidate will make that speech because no democratic candidate wants to do those things… Do you think Hillary would have avoided war with Iran or given a rat’s ass about central Americans? Look at what she did with Libya…
    Bernie would like to not start any wars but he knows less about foreign policy than Klara does… Warren might be better, she’d bore the other side to death which is probably better than bombing them..


      1. And of course, Hillary would have bombed out half a dozen countries at this point just to show she’s as tough as any guy.

        I rewatched Michael Moore’s movie the other day trying to remember why I was so upset she lost. And I couldn’t remember. I was afraid Ukraine would be fucked but Ukraine managed to do that by itself.


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