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When Obama kept detained children without toothbrushes and soap, nobody gave a crap. There was no barrage of outraged FB memes on the subject. Now all of a sudden, everybody is appalled. Because it’s time for the daily dose of Trump outrage, and the detained kids will serve the purpose as well as anything else.

29 thoughts on “Daily Dose”

  1. The United States’s loathsome argument—that it is “safe and sanitary” to confine children without soap, toothbrushes, dry clothes, and on concrete under bright lights—is morally indefensible. It’s also a spectacularly foolish argument to raise in the famously liberal Ninth Circuit, where the United States should have expected exactly the reception that it got. And even though the litigation began under the Obama administration, it was the Trump administration that elected to bring this appeal and ask the court to bless these inhumane conditions as “safe and sanitary.” That’s an extremely aggressive legal argument, and one that suggests that the disturbing conditions being reported at confinement centers are intentional, not a sign of mere neglect.



    1. It’s the same thing again, what’s worse, words or action? Everybody is having vapors over an argument but nobody cared about the actual violation of law. I suggest looking up the text of the Flores violation in question. It’s available online. This will clarify who started an aggressive legal argument and who kept children in subhuman conditions.

      God, what lies wouldn’t people tell themselves. “This argument is more aggressive than the argument on the exact same subject in 2015. Let’s measure the imagined aggression of arguments to avoid recognizing how deeply hypocritical we are.”

      Sorry to break it to you but your moral superiority is a fantasy.


      1. Sorry, but reporting the fact that it’s the Trump Administration that refuses to supply them with the necessities doesn’t make me better than you. That you, a mother, would rather play the game of blame than worry about the kids, is on you.


        1. “Worrying” is completely useless in this situation, so it’s all about posturing. Oh, I’m so worried! I couldn’t sleep a wink! It’s disgusting.

          Please read the ruling. The Obama administration refused to supply the kids with necessities and went to court to argue about it. Read the ruling, not the rumors about an argument about the ruling.

          I can’t attach it, it’s obviously a PDF but it’s easy to find.


      1. We had our most progressive president yet, and there were no toothbrushes. We now have our most regressive president yet (according to some, although I disagree), and there are still no toothbrushes. What does this tell us?

        To me, this says that the whole system is completely broken. It’s not one person or one party.

        Also, this tells me that the toothbrushes aren’t the problem. Although, of course, children should have toothbrushes. Not that they get toothbrushes, towels or good sleeping conditions on the journey over here. The whole process is wrong. The fact that children need to be dragged on these dangerous, horrible journeys at all is wrong. This is the real disgrace that’s at the root of it all. The whole system needs to be scrapped today and replaced with something more civilized.

        But if that happens, we will lose such a convenient excuse to posture and exhibit great moral outrage. This is the real issue.


        1. Wouldn’t it be more humane not to make people go to the border but let them apply at US embassies and consulates? Nobody gets cribs or decent food on the “tren de la muerte,” you know.


          1. It would be more humane if we followed the law on those seeking asylum here.

            “If nothing else works, a total pigheaded unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through.”

            BlackAdder Goes Forth


              1. You are more radical than Trump, then. He stopped the deportations of people with Final Orders of Removal on Sunday.

                You are really full of surprises.


              2. I’m just trying to understand your point of view. If you say that you support the deportation of the people who had their day on court and exhausted all the appeals, I understand. I just want you to remember, the next time you rant against Trump supporters, that you are in complete agreement with them on deportations. I’m not trying to shame you or get one over on you. I just want you to see that wanting the law to be followed is an eminently reasonable position that many people of all political beliefs share. We are being riled up by propaganda to believe we are mortal enemies when it’s not even remotely true.


              3. Um, you just want to have silly word games when someone isn’t overpowered by your logic. I was taking about the kids in detention and you come up with Trumps temporary halt to his order.


              4. We all lose under the existing system, that’s the problem. We, the people, lose. Look at my most recent post. How is that winning?

                This is not an isolated case when we are talking about people from countries with a completely different driving culture.


              5. People with final orders of removal are the ones who had all the days in court that the current asylum law gives. These are people whose claims have been studied by the courts, rejected, appealed, rejected again, exhausted all the appeals, and given the final order of deportation. There are no more days in court for them under the current law of asylum. Which you say you support.


  2. Wow, we’ve got a real cat fight going on in this comments section! It’s so entertaining I’ve had to pause binge-watching 1961 reruns of “Boris Karloff’s Thriller” on the Yesterday TV Channel to follow it.


    1. Nah, it’s only 28 comments. We’ve had much bigger conflagrations on this blog in the past. Remember when Feministing and Feministe were alive? It was like poking a stick into an anthill. Tons of crazies would materialize. Good times…


  3. ” There are no more days in court for them under the current law of asylum. Which you say you support”

    Well open borders ideology which is what the left now supports* is against deporting anyone for any reason….



    *it doesn’t matter what they say – they no longer support anything that isn’t consistent with open borders, so….


    1. Bernie said yesterday that deportation is never appropriate. Even after people have had their day in court and exhausted all appeals.

      So the talking point of “let’s follow the asylum law” is out of the window and the new talking point is “deportation is always wrong.”

      The talking point about “people fleeing horrific violence” is also being ditched because it’s logically inconsistent and creates a need for asylum hearings. As Warren said yesterday, everybody who wants “a better life” should be let in no questions asked. Which obviously means absolutely everyone.

      I can’t even blame them because Republicans would have done exactly the same if it gave them a chance to flip California and New York. Because that’s what this is about. Flipping Texas and never worrying about another election again. Guaranteed access to power and to hell with the consequences because the extremely rich Warrens and Bernies will never feel the consequences.

      It’s very cynical but understandable. Why regular, not extremely rich voters support this, I have no idea. A guaranteed electoral majority forever is a disaster, no matter who holds it. I lived in a one-party system. It’s horrible. The politicians who can’t lose become completely unaccountable.

      We are being had and we welcome it because it flatters some misguided sense of tribal belonging. It’s very sad. I honestly hoped Americans were collectively smarter than this.


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