Google-appointed Nazis

Project Veritas has obtained a newly leaked document from Google that appears to show a Google employee and member of Google “transparency-and-ethics” group calling conservative and libertarian commentators, including Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro, “nazis.”

I don’t know who Prager is but I intensely dislike Ben Shapiro. Nazis, though? Leaving aside the ridiculousness of calling anybody named Shapiro a Nazi, is it now a new normal to attach horrible insults to anybody who deviates, however slightly, from ruling ideology?

This is not about liking Shapiro or Peterson. As I keep saying, this will impact everybody. By the way, during the Stalinist purges, the people who denounced “spies” and “traitors” the most loudly and sincerely were the first in line to get eliminated. Obviously, Google is not going to kill or torture anybody. But the environment of fear it creates will damage all of us.

28 thoughts on “Google-appointed Nazis”

  1. He isn’t afraid to sling the word around, which I’m sure you did not see coming.

    “”The Nazis equated Jews with animals. In its Holocaust On Your Plate exhibit, PETA picks up where the Nazis left off.
    —Ben Shapiro, owner of an enormous brain[34]
    Shapiro has a habit of engaging in ad hominem attacks against non-conservatives. As seen above, Shapiro literally compares PETA to Nazis for using Holocaust imagery.[34] Shapiro described Obama as a “philosophical fascist”[35] who had “clear-cut anti-semitism”.[36] In an example of molehill mountaineering, Shapiro accused all liberal professors of spreading “evil” and called a professor’s wife “brainless” because she talked about how much she treasures the Constitution.[37] Similarly, Shapiro saw a federal judge’s 2010 ruling against California Proposition 8 as “using the power of his gavel to justify his sex life.”[38]


    1. That’s precisely why I said I detest Shapiro. He’s an idiot. I don’t agree with him on anything.

      But see, it’s not about him or whether I like him. It’s about censorship. I dislike censorship more than I dislike Shapiro. I grew up in the USSR. Can you understand why I hate censorship?

      I passionately love the principle of free speech. Because I have seen with my own eyes what happens when you give up on free speech. Maybe you don’t value it as much because you’ve always had it. But for me it’s new and very very precious.


              1. Why aren’t you watching the debate, though? I thought you’d be interested. For real. You seem to like Warren. She’s on a roll tonight. In a good way.


              2. The consensus seems to be that Warren is doing the best of all the candidates. Meanwhile, the sister of Joke Candidate Tulsi complained about Warren. Not. A. Smart. Thing. To. Say.


        1. I don’t know what Breitbart is but Google is hardly “a site.” And you will be hard-pressed to find many people in the world who haven’t heard of Google.


  2. “is it now a new normal to attach horrible insults to anybody who deviates, however slightly, from ruling ideology?”

    Yes. In the last few years it’s become standard in progressive circles to define “Nazi” as “anyone I don’t like”. Among 18 and 19 year old student activists, it’s always been like that. What’s new is that now all the adults are doing it.


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