Even More Debate

Some guy from Ohio is saying that Trump must “ask doctors and nurses to go to the border and treat the kids.”

Of course, if Trump does start ordering doctors and nurses to go anywhere they don’t want to go, he’ll be the worst Nazi in existence. And the doctors who do go will become Doctor Mengeles and hounded out of productive life.

P.S. I’m boycotting Maddow for identity reasons, so I won’t be watching the second half of the debate even sporadically. Everybody else, enjoy!

More Debate

Woe be unto me! Reader Dreidel tempted me to switch on the debate, and I did so right when Cory Booker was speaking very tortured Spanish and calling a moderator Ho-Zay. I felt right back at work.

And now I have to hear Beto’s pathetic Spanish. Oh, lordy.

For those who don’t know, I’m a Spanish speaker and I teach Hispanic literature for a living. In Spanish.

At least, the moderator has perfect Spanish.

The First Debate

Turned on the debate, heard some guy called Inslee shout “Wind turbines cause jobs!” Looked at the utterly unfamiliar faces on stage, got confused, and almost turned off the debate.

Then Warren started talking and I stayed to watch. But she delivered her own version of “wind turbines cause jobs,” so that was no relief.

Beto is making creepy hand gestures while other people speak. Now some weird woman is speaking.

Sorry, folks, this is putting me to sleep and I still have a bunch to do. I’m switching off the TV but do share if things perk up or if you have interesting observations. Whatever you got to say, it’s bound to be less soporific than this crowd of hopeless hopefuls.

Ronell News

So do you remember Ronell? The NYU professor accused of sexual harassment by a male grad student?

This is pretty pathetic:

From Wikipedia: “Ronell is slated to return to teaching at NYU in the fall of 2019. Her course, “Unsettled Scores: Theories of Grievance, Stuckness, & Boundary Troubles” was advertised on campus with a flyer asking: “How have we secretly internalized penitentiary structures?”[64][65]”

Apologies to the person whose FB I stole it from. It was just too priceless to pass up.

I don’t want to sound bitter but there are many academics with real research, valuable teaching and amazing pedagogy (and I don’t mean myself. I mean, for instance, the person whose FB I stole the quote from) who have no hope in hell of being hired by NYU.

Raised by Smartphones

Parkland Survivor David Hogg Says He’s Faced 7 Assassination Attempts This Past Year

By seven assassination attempts, he means a prank phone call and… Well, that’s about it.

This is yet another Parkland kid whose parents should have thrown his phone away and put him in therapy the day after the shooting.

I watched a TV interview with Hogg soon after the shooting and I said immediately that he wasn’t well. Which isn’t surprising because he’s a very young guy who experienced major trauma and was never given time or resources to grieve and heal.

People are exploiting these kids for political and financial reasons and there are no responsible parents’ in the kids’ lives to protect them. This goes for both pro-gun kids like Kashuv and anti-gun ones like Hogg.

Obviously, there are crowds of normal parents at that school, and we don’t hear about their children because the parents are helping them through the grief in private.

The title of the post comes from Hogg’s description of himself, so I’m not inventing anything. He also has mental illness that predates the attack, so he’s doubly vulnerable.

Coyotes for Trump

If anything, [the coyote] said, Trump has provided great marketing for coyotes: Every time he threatens to close the border or deport migrants, Daniel tells potential customers to go now, before Trump follows through on his threats...

They said Donald Trump was not going to let the migrants pass, and was going to deport everyone there, but it was completely the opposite,” he marveled. “Donald Trump gave an opportunity for the entire world to get into the U.S. It’s a mystery. Nobody understands why Donald Trump is letting the migrants in... The only person who loses is the migrant,” he said.

At least, this coyote is lucid enough to understand the difference between what politicians say and what they do. Maybe he should get US citizenship. He’s not going to be as easily duped as both Trump’s supporters and detractors are.

Warren Protects Borders

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren called Tuesday for repealing the decades-old law criminalizing unauthorized border crossing ― the same law the Trump administration used to systematically split up families at the border last year. “I agree with Secretary Castro,” Warren said in a statement to HuffPost. “We should not be criminalizing mamas and babies trying to flee violence at home or trying to build a better future. We must pass comprehensive immigration reform that is in line with our values, creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants including our DREAMers, and protects our borders.”

I’m sure Warren believes she’s doing mamas and babies a huge favor but, like everything she does, this plan isn’t thought out the tiniest little bit. This will create an open season on mamas and babies as every drug dealer, gangster and human trafficker will be on the hunt for one to use as a border-crossing appliance. Putting this truly idiotic and pernicious idea in the same sentence with “protecting our borders” shows that she’s either a total idiot or the most cynical person ever. And I doubt she’s smart enough to be that cynical.