Coyotes for Trump

If anything, [the coyote] said, Trump has provided great marketing for coyotes: Every time he threatens to close the border or deport migrants, Daniel tells potential customers to go now, before Trump follows through on his threats...

They said Donald Trump was not going to let the migrants pass, and was going to deport everyone there, but it was completely the opposite,” he marveled. “Donald Trump gave an opportunity for the entire world to get into the U.S. It’s a mystery. Nobody understands why Donald Trump is letting the migrants in... The only person who loses is the migrant,” he said.

At least, this coyote is lucid enough to understand the difference between what politicians say and what they do. Maybe he should get US citizenship. He’s not going to be as easily duped as both Trump’s supporters and detractors are.

3 thoughts on “Coyotes for Trump”

  1. Yes, Virginia, it’s those age-old “secret societies” that are the ones REALLY in charge
    …not any Presidents, or Prime Ministers, or even any dictators.
    Those “secret societies” are who determine what goes down next in our world.


  2. I figured as much.
    This reminds me of a gun shop and range owner who’d repeatedly crow that Obama was excellent for his business. He’d never vote for him, understand, but every time gun control came up, he’d get a new wave of panicked buying.


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