Raised by Smartphones

Parkland Survivor David Hogg Says He’s Faced 7 Assassination Attempts This Past Year

By seven assassination attempts, he means a prank phone call and… Well, that’s about it.

This is yet another Parkland kid whose parents should have thrown his phone away and put him in therapy the day after the shooting.

I watched a TV interview with Hogg soon after the shooting and I said immediately that he wasn’t well. Which isn’t surprising because he’s a very young guy who experienced major trauma and was never given time or resources to grieve and heal.

People are exploiting these kids for political and financial reasons and there are no responsible parents’ in the kids’ lives to protect them. This goes for both pro-gun kids like Kashuv and anti-gun ones like Hogg.

Obviously, there are crowds of normal parents at that school, and we don’t hear about their children because the parents are helping them through the grief in private.

The title of the post comes from Hogg’s description of himself, so I’m not inventing anything. He also has mental illness that predates the attack, so he’s doubly vulnerable.

8 thoughts on “Raised by Smartphones”

  1. I was almost assassinated in Walmart 12 times the other day. I managed to jump out of the way of the dirty looks before they killed me, though.


  2. Somehow I can’t even be surprised that NOT ONE of the many news outlets that printed or reprinted Hogg’s claim of “7 Assassination Attempts” did ANY follow-up to confirm or even question the veracity of his absurd claim.

    This doesn’t even rise to “fake news” — it’s not real journalism of any type at all!

    If Trump had remarked, “I swatted a mosquito in the Oval Office today,” all the major news outlets except Fox would be demanding to be shown the dead bug as proof.


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