DeBlasio’s decision to address a bunch of Cubans in Miami with Che Guevara’s favorite slogan is very indicative of the Democrat approach to Hispanic people. It’s well-meaning but ignorant and off-key.

To explain the situation to my apolitical husband, I said that it’s like coming to Brighton Beach and addressing the people there as rootless cosmopolitans. N was horrified.

Go, Bernie

Bernie doesn’t believe in packing the Supreme Court. This gives me hope. Not because I care a whole lot about packing the Supreme Court but because this means he believes into doing something for voters and not futzing with the system to make it more convenient.

People will say I’m reading too much into it but I need hope here.

Robotic Candidates

Ah, so Julian Castro did say he wanted “trans female abortions.” These poor idiots. They are trying so hard to please the wokesters, they are parroting the talking points they can’t even comprehend.

I can’t wait to hear poor Bernie trying to placate the crowd of his very young followers and attempting to speak their language.

For those of Bernie’s generation: trans women can’t have abortions. They have a male reproductive system. (Is this still ok to say? Or has it been declared genocidal already?) Only trans men who have female reproductive organs can get pregnant.

In what I saw of the debate yesterday, old and tired politicians were trying to ingratiate themselves with a constituency they don’t understand and don’t much like. They were half-heartedly and ploddingly regurgitating a digest of “The Snowflakiest Tweets in Existence” that their aides had compiled for them, hoping that this would dupe the crazies enough to give them a chance to appeal to normal voters.

All of the candidates looked stiff, robotic and scared. What was really missing was a Democratic version of Trump who’d blow up the clown show and said something unscripted.

More Thoughtcrimes

JK Rowling is being hounded because she followed on Twitter somebody who expressed an opinion that was entirely uncontroversial until five minutes ago. In the past, she has already had to apologize for accidentally liking an ideologically unsound tweet.

Rowling is extremely rich, so she’ll be fine. But what about you? Can you guarantee you never liked, followed or retweeted something that will become extremely objectionable sometime in the future?

Obviously not if you are on this blog.

Perception Gap

So true:

Education is intended to make us better informed about the world, so we’d expect that the more educated you become, the more you understand what other Americans think. In fact, the more educated a person is, the worse their Perception Gap – with one critical exception. This trend only holds true for Democrats, not Republicans. In other words, while Republicans’ misperceptions of Democrats do not improve with higher levels of education, Democrats’ understanding of Republicans actually gets worse with every additional degree they earn. This effect is so strong that Democrats without a high school diploma are three times more accurate than those with a postgraduate degree.