Go, Bernie

Bernie doesn’t believe in packing the Supreme Court. This gives me hope. Not because I care a whole lot about packing the Supreme Court but because this means he believes into doing something for voters and not futzing with the system to make it more convenient.

People will say I’m reading too much into it but I need hope here.

17 thoughts on “Go, Bernie”

  1. “Bernie doesn’t believe in packing the Supreme Court.”

    BUT then Bernie said something very confusing about “I do believe that constitutionally we have the power to rotate judges to other courts, and that brings in new blood to the Supreme Court…”

    What the hell is he talking about?? Since when have lower court judges and Supreme Court justices EVER been rotated between federal courts?


  2. Based on what I’ve heard Bernie is slightly better than others in this debate. Even if I choose to sit out the general, I’m not sitting out the primary, so I still care about making a choice. I’m not watching the debate until Sunday though, so we’ll see (me and a friend are going to watch it together.)


    1. Bernie recognized he will raise taxes on the middle class. At least, he’s honest. Nobody can pay for all that healthcare for illegal immigrants without fleecing the middle class.


  3. The post-debate panel on CNN is angrily trashing Joe Biden for his “unenlightened… very misguided…heart-breaking “exchange with Kamala Harris over racial busing. The CNN panelists are more upset than any of the debaters were. 🙂

    On the whole, I found last night’s debate more entertaining.


    1. Imagine what Trump will do to whoever the nominee is on just the healthcare for illegal immigrants.

      It’s like they are trying to lose. If Trump manages to deport somebody until then, he’ll definitely win.


    2. This is all Marianne Williamson’s doing. She wasn’t wrong…exactly but if Oprah platitudes were going to win… then Oprah would already be running?


      1. I caught a snippet of this lady and she was a bit scary. Honestly, I just want to see Bernie and Warren debate to understand how they differ. That’s interesting to me and I’m guessing to many voters.


  4. Overall, this was a VERY bad night for the Democrats — much worse than yesterday:

    All three of the leading candidates (Bernie, Warren, Harris) are now on record as saying that they want to END all employer health care insurance coverage, period. That’s not going to go over well with many working-class Democrats whose hard-bargaining unions have gotten them excellent coverage.

    ALL of the candidates want taxpayers to pay for healthcare for illegal immigrants.

    Biden doubled-down on being opposed to federal civil-rights legislation overriding states’ rights control of racial equality.

    Several candidates supported the moron Swalwell’s clearly unconstitutional plan to use force to take away legally purchased firearms from gun owners who have broken no laws (but he’ll compensate the gun owners by “buying back” the guns with taxpayer dollars).

    Poor, shell-shocked Democratic apologists like Lawrence O’Donnell are managing to say things on MSNBC like, “I don’t think any of the Democratic candidates had a bad night tonight,” and Chris Matthews is nodding sympathetically — but neither of them can be stupid enough to really believe that.

    Trump must be doing somersaults tonight!


    1. Has Warren given a position on healthcare and illegal immigrants? Everyone else who mattered was at tonight’s debate, but she wasn’t, and idk that she’s given an opinion on it in the past.


      1. In yesterday’s debate, Warren and de Blasio were the only two “kiddie table” candidates who raised their hands when asked if they favored ending private health care insurance. According to multiple Internet sources, she’s also on the record as supporting taxpayer-funded medical are for illegal immigrants.

        She even screams as loudly as Bernie. About the only difference between them is that she’s the blonde wearing a dress.


        1. There used to be more differences, but they’re both so desperae to emulate each other that they’re disappearing. For example, Bernie saw her stupid plan on student debt and decided to imitate it.


  5. And the debates winner is….Donald Trump!

    He’s completely right about this.


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