More Thoughtcrimes

JK Rowling is being hounded because she followed on Twitter somebody who expressed an opinion that was entirely uncontroversial until five minutes ago. In the past, she has already had to apologize for accidentally liking an ideologically unsound tweet.

Rowling is extremely rich, so she’ll be fine. But what about you? Can you guarantee you never liked, followed or retweeted something that will become extremely objectionable sometime in the future?

Obviously not if you are on this blog.

7 thoughts on “More Thoughtcrimes”

  1. It’s crazy.
    But I think they might be shooting themselves in the foot. Now it’s not just clickbait Julie Bindel but Caroline Criado-Perez and J K Rowling and anyone who likes the wrong tweet.
    The Gender Critical reddit where I lurk has had a surge of interest over the past few days in reaction to this Rowling storm in a teacup.

    One thoughtless trans activist on twitter;
    “cis people will never feel the daily trauma and mental challenge it is to be born in the wrong body,to feel different or ‘off’ from the rest of society,…”
    How they have so little self awareness I do not know.


  2. I’m almost certain that a lot of what I write online is already objectionable.
    That’s the “price” one “pays” for having the temerity to be candid, stark, and honest I guess.


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