I managed to work in a reference to Ukraine’s new president into the chapter on El Salvador.

How is your day going?

24 thoughts on “Productive”

  1. I found out that J.A. Primo de Rivera said Spain’s essence was mestizaje. He makes this mestizaje a new transcendental subject. It is ROASTING hot here.


      1. “I mean, her actual work isn’t entirely boring”

        It was roasting here yesterday (the worst day in a loooong time in terms of oppressive heat) but today was much nicer, with a nice cool breeze most of the time (which helps a massive amount since air conditioning is still the exception and none at home or work…)


      1. 923: ACA what next?
        JB: Talks about sons’ health issues in past. Build on ACA.
        925: State run exchanges struggle.
        BS: It works in other countries. Attacks pharma.
        But how it works nationally?
        BS: Medicare for all. Chinga the health insurance cos.
        MW: We have a sickness care system. We have so many chronic illnesses. Chemicals.
        MB: Kids illness prostate cancer. If you want to keep your insurance you should be able to..BS wants to ban health insurance!
        Bs: crosstalk
        KH: Talks about going to the ER and how expensive it is. Kid with fever example. Crosstalk.
        ES: Crosstalk.
        Show of hands healthcare for undocumented
        PB: Undocumented should be able to buy in. Pathway to citizenship. There’s a consensus.
        JB: you can’t let people go sick. Un documented pay taxes, Ss. Deal with insurance execs. Be able to negotiate drug classes.
        Commercial break.


        1. 937: what are you going to do immediately do to deal with undocumented?
          KH: Get rid of private detention. DACA. Why would people trAve with their kids with coyotes?
          JH: I can’t believe what’s happening. Sufficient facilities, ICE needs to he more humanitarian.
          MW: It’s kidnapping that inflicting trauma. It’s child abuse. Trump is attaking our moral core. What about our prior Latin American policy.
          KG;immigration reform pathway to citizenship. Real immigration judges. Trump diverted money from immigration system to private prisons.


          1. PB:Gets religious.
            JB: Surge help to region immediately. Look at my track record. Reunite families.

            Your administration deported 3 million Americans.

            Jb: Only if they committed a major crime. Keep aslyum seekers until they can be heard

            Bs: indignation real djt.


              1. MB: My mom was separated from her parents during the Holocaust. V. Emotional.
                AY: Russia is hacking out democracy..talks about trade war with China.
                PB: China is getting into AI, while Trump foc uses on widgets.


              2. I so wish they’d stop listing instances of personal hardship. This gives me painful flashes back to the “son of a barman and a maid” that was repeated maniacally in 2016.

                Trump won without appeals to miserable ancestors, so it’s not like voters love this kind of thing. Everybody is tired of these cliches. No matter how much your grandma suffered, you are a rich clueless individual, so stop moaning.


  2. My friend who’s watching tonight’s debate says “everyone rose their hand for illegal immigrants receive government care under Medicare for all.” I’m seriously considering sitting out the general election and just voting for local offices (which I care more about anyway.) I might also change my name from “Demotrash;” do I want to have a name that says I’m a Democrat? Then again, “Demotrash” reflects my current feelings towards the national party pretty well.


    1. Yeah… I feel the same. They are all pretending that 2016 didn’t happen. It’s a disgrace. Dumb lemmings.

      If it weren’t for the great local Democrats, I’d be unregistering as a Democrat. What am I doing being part of this group of clueless folks?


      1. There’s no party registration here, but I’d have no compunctions about registering with a party I hate for the sake of voting in primaries. Luckily I love Ohio Democrats so I wouldn’t even have to feel conflicted. I’ve already taken to calling myself an “Ohio Democrat” instead of just a Democrat. I do not agree with or identify with whatever this garbage the national Dems believe in is.


  3. So is this post the place to comment on tonight’s (Wednesday) “big boy” debate or not?

    I’m currently watching it, and to no one’s surprise, Kirsten Gillibrand is acting exactly like that other New Yorker jerk de Blasio did last night — repeatedly aggressively interrupting other candidates while they’re speaking, and then refusing to pipe down when the moderators call her out.

    By contrast, Buttigieg’s spiel is as calm and pedantic as if he were lecturing a class.


  4. All the candidates just raised their hands when asked if their proposed health care plan would cover illegal immigrants. No surprise there!

    At least Bernie admitted earlier in the debate that his policies would raise taxes on the middle class (but he claims people would save money on healthcare under his “Medicare for All,” so presumably a family’s overall expenses/taxes would even out).


  5. Why does you police force sucks?
    PB: It’s an ongoing investigation. Nothing will bring that guy back.
    JH: Do what I did.
    MW: The underlying cause is racial injustice Reparations!
    KH: Talks about the black men in her life. Biden I don’t believe you are racist. But why were you pally with segregationists. I was a kid desegrationist of schools.
    JB: My record. Public defender. As VP of Obama…LGBT.
    Crosstalk about busing. KH is personal.


  6. So you’re a white guy.
    BS: Goes back to inequality..we need dIverson and guts.
    KG: I have the most comprehensive plan to take on corruption. It is the key.


  7. General notes:
    I can see why people liked Buttigieg. He’s very smooth in his answers. Marianne Williamson wanted to therapize everyone and provided public entertainment. Biden wasn’t prepared for Kamala Harris’ rather predictable attack. Bernie kept to his greatest hits, pretty much. It was a pretty decent debate for all the crosstalk. I don’t see Gillibrand getting traction tbh.

    I don’t have much to say about anyone else and didn’t really type much because 1)my body decided to revolt and 2) then my phone decided it was out of juice. I probably missed key body language information. Too many of the lower tier candidates kind of blended into each other for me and there was some shoutiness.


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