So weird. People actually think Kamala Harris did well yesterday. To me she looked either heavily medicated or high on recreational drugs. Unstable and creepy.

It’s possible to be a female candidate and behave with dignity. Gabbard and Klobuchar did it with ease. Gillibrand, whom I otherwise detest, looked composed, too. So it’s possible not to look unhinged onstage.

5 thoughts on “Harris”

    1. It’s a lone voice of reason. Everybody else seems to have gone insane. Republicans, Democrats – they are all equally delusional on the subject. Yesterday’s debate was surreal in this sense. We saw a bunch of completely insane people on that stage. Open Borders and free everything for everybody, it doesn’t get any crazier.


  1. Gillibrand seemed like the female version of De Blasio from the first debate, trying to insert a response to each question in the first half hour without having been called on. It was not a good look for either of them.

    And I also didn’t like the moderators’ bias in favor of the leaders in the polls, who got the vast majority of the questions. I thought that Williamson was rather bizarre, but she and Gabbard were virtually ignored, which was not fair.


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