And again, the hypocrisy. “Increase minimum wage to $15!” Sounds great but what meaning does it have if there are no effective borders and no e-verify? It’s all meaningless, vapid promises aimed at fooling the simpletons.

3 thoughts on “Meaningless”

  1. I’m emotionally attached to not requiring national ID because we were taught in elem. school that constant ID checking was un-American and very Soviet (and otherwise authoritarian). Also my family from pre-Soviet Russia had had to have internal passports, get pre-authorized by police to travel (even short distances, on business), etc.

    Remember, those 9/11 terrorists flew in on planes, did not walk across border, and we are still their country’s great ally. And all of this ICE, Homeland Security, etc. was created because of them, or using them as the official reason for it.


    1. In a way, you already have internal passports though. As a result of 9/11, REAL ID mandates national standards for driver’s licenses. I think after a certain point you won’t be able to fly on a plane without a REAL ID compliant id, or a combo of your old driver’s license and your passport. America is a huge country and past a certain distance most people will fly, not drive.

      Currently, 45 states are REAL ID compliant. And if you always drive? Soon the point will come when all non REAL ID driver’s licenses are expired. And to get a REAL ID compliant driver’s license you have to show proof of legal status in this country. Try conducting a life without driving in most parts of the US.


      1. Yes, I know. This is why I am not getting a REAL ID driver’s license until forced. But this is all very recent. Within my memory you didn’t have an uber-jurisdiction or one ID card to rule them all, and that was a distinctive feature of the US and a good reason to live here.


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