Gone Reading

Sorry, folks, I’m reading Chris Arnade’s Dignity, and I’m MIA from the blog.

It’s a great book. Really powerful stuff. If you want to read about the costs of the neoliberal revolution and look into the faces of its victims, get this book.

For those who don’t know, Arnade was a Wall Street banker when he came across the reality of those who have been discarded by the system that works so great for him. He was so stunned that he became an addict.

Finally, he quit his Wall Street job, got sober, and started driving across the country, meeting people in dying little towns or neighborhoods, opioid country, places like Gary, Indiana, Cairo, Illinois, Youngstown, Ohio, etc. And… he discovered that they are not dumb losers but good people who don’t deserve what was done to them.

I first discovered the reality that Arnade writes about back in early 2000s, and I still can’t get over it. When I first saw Gary, Indiana, I had the same reaction as Arnade but I’m a woman and not a big burly man like him, so I didn’t stay to explore. I’m glad he explored it for me.

I only managed to get 2/3 through the book today, so I’ll still need time to finish. This is just me coming up for air for 5 minutes.

3 thoughts on “Gone Reading”

  1. I’m considering picking it up at some point, but at the same time, why read a book about my family and friends when I can just visit them? I doubt it will tell me anything I don’t know. Definitely glad this book came out though; a lot of people really don’t know this world.


    1. Don’t get an eBook! It’s all about the photos. It’s one of those books where you absolutely need a hard copy. I just interrupted date night to share this crucial insight. 🙂


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