Over the Head

What I would like to do is hit every Dem candidate over the head with Arnade’s book until they wake up and notice their country.

Take trans issues, for instance. Arnade interviews a homeless, religious trans woman who prostitutes herself to feed her drug addiction. But the Democrats have no interest in any trans people who aren’t wicked rich. This is why they make completely vapid gestures of “inclusion” talking about “abortions for trans women.” This flatters a couple of folks who already have everything but sounds like a cruel joke to the trans people who live like Arnade’s character.

And it’s like this in everything. They want to help public school students in a way that will destroy their schools. Because all they know is Harvard and they can’t imagine anything different.

8 thoughts on “Over the Head”

  1. The Democrats’ likely response to this woman: “Maybe we should legalize ‘sex work.'” And those of us who don’t agree will probably be labeled bigots.


      1. “Victimhood”?
        Lord, they make six-digit figures and travel all over and around-the-world like it was “just another walk around the block”.
        And have friends and associates up the ass who “offer support”, even if they have but an itch or a rash or a sprained wrist.

        Just what is there definition of “victim”? Someone traumatized because “some stranger stared at them wrong” in some bar, restaurant, or coffee shop?


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