Whose Dream?

An NYTimes headline:

And Now, the Dream of a Harris-Buttigieg Ticket

Of course, it’s Trump’s dream scenario but hardly anybody else’s. Other than an impressive list of identity categories the two cover, they have nothing to recommend themselves. Both are clueless rich cheerleaders for neoliberal globalization. The difference between them and Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney is the list of identity categories they cover. Otherwise, they are identical.

I hated Romney and the Bushes, and I hate Harris and Buttigieg for all the same reasons. The idea that one should support people on the basis of their tribal identification and not based on what they actually do or believe sounds very insane to me. Unfortunately, that’s how most people think.

13 thoughts on “Whose Dream?”

  1. my hot take: This is all Hillary, she’s trying to promote a ticket that will lose to Trump in an even more humiliating fashion than she did…

    (I’m only half serious or half joking… whichever makes me seem like a better person).


  2. Remember gay reparations? Apparently someone took that article seriously…


  3. Kamala is even doing the “I’ll cut taxes without cutting spending!” thing Republicans love to do. Like, I love a middle class tax cut, but you can’t do that and single payer healthcare. It’s simply not possible.

    I find it bizarre that her and Warren are considered more “wonky” than Bernie. Bernie’s plans are just as detailed and are intelligent and realistic in comparison to theirs (while still not being remotely achievable or all that intelligent.)

    I do think Harris can win the general election. Objectively she should be a bad candidate, but she’s a deft politician and I just get that feeling.


    1. Harris is also completely fake, flim-flamming every 5 minutes. She already walked back some of what she said in the debate. Like Hillary, she can’t decide what she believes until 15 thousand pollsters tell her.

      Bernie at least is sincere.


      1. Bernie at least is sincere
        People do respond to honesty, but it’s not enough.

        During the 2016 election, Bernie was rated the most honest politician by Politifact (in comparison to others in that race).
        But if honesty actually mattered we wouldn’t have DJT as President, who
        fucking lies like he breathes way beyond normal politician lying.

        You’ve got to admit, these last few years have been a very interesting study in seeing how people lie to themselves about their reasons for doing things.


        1. I don’t think that trying to out-Trump Trump is a productive strategy. Everybody who likes that sort of thing already has their candidate. Now it would be nice to have an alternative.


          1. If I were going to out-Trump Trump, proposals (this is hard btw):

            a)Bring back toll booths. Everyone has to present their REAL ID at state borders before they can go from Oklahoma to Texas (for example.) Think of all the jobs that will generate! We can’t secure our borders unless we secure state borders! For a fee, you can opt to have subdermal trackers imbedded and skip the line.

            b) Non-competes for interns as a national law, those “kids” don’t know what they’re doing anyways but they can wipe out your computer network.

            c) Mandatory consumption of America’s greatest farm products! Get ready for a lot of soybeans and extra extraneous cheese in your future!

            d) VAT, but only for products made outside the country.* This will fund never ending infrastructure week.

            e) Coal: for when you can’t afford diamonds, get her the precursor. Also America’s best energy source. Get a Patriot Rock today!

            f) Tax credits for people who allow fracking on their property. Them’s gold in your lawn! If tax credits are too far in the future a short term loan of 40% can be advanced to you.

            g) Tiny House boomlet: Everyone in America gets an affordable house. Don’t complain about cracking your shins on the sink, at least you’re not homeless.

            h) Every American can get a diploma from the University of Phoenix on flipping houses. Tiny houses. Or just one building with a giant room.

            *Products from the President’s online store are exempt.


              1. I wasn’t trying for realism, I was trying to think out loud how “out Trumping-Trump” would look like.
                I’ m not sure whether to exaggerate things he already tries (or says he tries) to do, or to come up with the opposite, most lunatic things possible. Note that these all feel really neoliberal (and shitty) to me, which either says something about how all encompassing this paradigm is or how loose “neoliberal” really is.

                a) If everyone is screaming about “open borders” do the opposite; close borders. We already have REAL ID in place in most states and given the amount of random everyday things you already have to present your driver’s license for, I can hardly see the inconvenience of stopping at a toll. And if you find it annoying, well… for air travel they already have things like USA VISIT for foreigners and CLEAR as a service for citizens (which I saw advertised at security checkpoints at airports on a recent trip). This proposal merely shifts it in country borders to more people. It would be hilarious to hear the same people who scream about open borders go to oh shit it’s Orwellian. Plus it circumvents the problem of “what if the groups we keep out change in the future.” Half of the new smartphones already have fingerprint and face recognition unlocking features. :-p

                Re b): Interns in some industries already sign non-competes. And as you know, Trump made his campaign volunteers sign NDAS, and non competes.

                c) Why do you think we have so much cheese stuffed everything now? This is just more of the same and a natural result of protectionism for one sector of the economy affecting another sector which depends on price supports to avoid tanking completely.

                d) Everyone who objects to tariffs complains about how American consumers will be affected by price rises in ordinary goods. This gives people a patriotic incentive to ferret out the origin of the products they consume and to consume products made in America. Plus it gives an element of choice* (lol, “neoliberal choice”) to how much VAT they pay. And is it any more unrealistic than claiming foreign manufacturers pay the costs of tariffs?

                f) It’s way better than eminent domain, libertarians should love this. LMAO.

                g) I think this is more palatable (politically) than “rip up all the golf courses for public housing!” Plus it appeals to the need for “ownership.”

                😛 😛


    2. Yes, I’ve decided I am for her because she’s the one who can win. Sort of. For ideas I’d take Warren and Castro but I am betting Harris and Booker would come across better on tv.


        1. Not very, except HRC was very much disliked, and had been for decades. That is why she did not get the vote out. KH will look like a refreshing alternative to T, and will look competent.


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