Join the Strike!

The social media strike is taking place on July 4 and 5! Please join! Surely you aren’t so addicted that you can’t stay away for just two days.

The strike involves staying away from the social media completely. Spread the news, participate, strike, don’t cross the picket lines.


A mob of middle-class white people beating up an Asian man in the name of challenging white supremacy – you couldn’t make it up.

You truly couldn’t. And it’s especially cute that when a journalist gets beaten to the point of having a brain hemorrhage while doing his job, nobody cares about this clear attack on freedom of the press. Nobody lines up to demand justice and accountability like they did for Smollett.

There could be no clearer proof that antifa is not the rebellious, revolutionary outfit it fantasises about being, but rather is the armed wing of the cultural elite; the militant front of the bruised establishment; the attack dogs of a political class still reeling from Trump and Brexitand consumed by disgust for ordinary voters whom they increasingly view as a dumb, far-right throng.


The Gods of Consumerism

Here is a story of a gay dad who had his children taken away because somebody needs to prove some dumb ideological point.

The story is a bit jumbled because the dad is understandably distraught, so here’s a very clear explanation of what happened by the director of a children’s rights non-profit who filed an amicus brief on the father’s behalf.

Of course, we could say the dad is a jerk for manufacturing kids like accessories and now the very approach he practiced is biting him in the ass. But that’s beyond the point because the kids already exist and are about to lose the only parent who wants to be in their lives. I couldn’t care less about this guy’s suffering but the kids don’t deserve to suffer like this.

Obviously, surrogacy should be outlawed because it violates children’s rights. Or, at the very least, there should be court-mandated visitation and child support payments until the child turns 26 for the mothers. But for that to happen, the capitalist mentality of despoiling nature to fulfill the sacred whims of entitled consumers should be ditched. And that won’t happen.

Children, real existing children are being hurt because we can’t get over our love affair with the ridiculous idea that being in any way constrained by anything not of our choosing is unacceptable.

I’m obviously not just talking about the gay dad’s twins. We are seeing children mutilated or turned into sex objects for this. We are seeing children die at or on their way to the border and we have no will to stop that for the same reason. We are sacrificing human beings on the altar of a ridiculous, meaningless idea that every “but I wanna!” should override absolutely everything else whatsoever.

There is no political idea on the Left, no trace of a thought that isn’t based in liberating the voracious “Iwannas” from any possible constraint. And that’s simply scary.