A Palestinian President

OK, no Googling. Which country outside of the Middle East has a Palestinian president? (And please let’s skip a debate about the statehood of Palestine. The post isn’t about that).

I mean, El Salvador, of course. (Let me know if there are others because I’m only aware of this one).

Nayib Bukele was elected very recently, so there’s no saying how he’ll turn out. For now, he seems not horrible, which is more than what El Salvador has gotten in forever.

For years, El Salvador’s official policy has been that it’s a nation without borders. Since at least a quarter of the country’s population resides outside of El Salvador, the previous government announced that “our country is wherever our people live.” We’ve all seen how well this approach has been working out for El Salvador.

Bukele seems to be willing to walk away from this fluid definition of a nation, so I’m hopeful.

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