A mob of middle-class white people beating up an Asian man in the name of challenging white supremacy – you couldn’t make it up.

You truly couldn’t. And it’s especially cute that when a journalist gets beaten to the point of having a brain hemorrhage while doing his job, nobody cares about this clear attack on freedom of the press. Nobody lines up to demand justice and accountability like they did for Smollett.

There could be no clearer proof that antifa is not the rebellious, revolutionary outfit it fantasises about being, but rather is the armed wing of the cultural elite; the militant front of the bruised establishment; the attack dogs of a political class still reeling from Trump and Brexitand consumed by disgust for ordinary voters whom they increasingly view as a dumb, far-right throng.


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      1. A few days ago, Andy and his buddies at Quillette decided to dox several journalists (some of whom were Jewish), claiming them to be “members” of AntiFa. In doing so, they helped a bunch of neo-nazis and white supremacists make a “kill-list” based on the names revealed by Andy et al.


        Oh, and after doing a little digging on the science behind mixing cement with beverages like a milkshake (H/t to @JewishWorker for making the initial find), I’ve since discovered that it’s scientifically impossible for cement to actually dry when mixed with a milkshake. The reason for this is because the sugar that’s used in milkshakes is also commonly used to disrupt the setting process of cement “by preventing the hydration reaction between water and cement — a key ingredient of the concrete mix containing calcium, silicon and aluminium oxides.”
        It should also be noted that Andy Ngo’s lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon, has since deleted one of her tweets where she accused Rose City AntiFa of being a “criminal enterprise that made the concrete milkshakes” to assault her client.

        View at


  1. I gave you a chance to
    Check the link the author cited

    This happened to me and a number of other journalists after blogger Eoin Lenihan, the far-right troll also known as “Progdad” listed us in an article he published with the far-right Australian commentary site Quillette. Lenihan’s article is an attempt to discredit journalists by trying to link us to antifascist activists based on the accounts we follow on Twitter.


              1. A fabulist is not a journalist. I can’t see that he uncovered any new stories like, say Woodward and Bernstein, Sidney Zion, or Seymour Hersh.

                My own experience with Quillette was when someone linked to a story there and when I clicked the link they had already taken it down. Not a good sign,
                but YMMV.


          1. Looks like you don’t examine the evidence when it isn’t to your liking.


            Take a well-read piece published in September, “Academic Activists Send a Published Paper Down the Memory Hole,” written by Ted Hill, an emeritus professor of math at Georgia Tech. In it, Hill says that a mathematical paper he wrote about the possible evolutionary underpinnings of gender differences was pulled from two separate journals after an intimidation campaign by academic activists. I’m not a mathematician and am not able to adjudicate the validity of Hill’s research, which Lehmann tells me underwent two weeks of fact-checking by one of her editors. But Andrew Gelman, a statistician at Columbia University, wrote a post on his personal blog saying that Hill had “no direct evidence” that the paper had been discarded based on politics, rather than merit. “The most unfortunate part of the story,” Gelman wrote, “is the amplification of Hill’s post throughout Twitter, Quillette, 4chan, etc., abetted by thought leaders on Twitter, leading to noxious hatred spewed at Amie Wilkinson.” (Wilkinson is a math professor Hill had blamed for suppressing his work.)


  2. A few days later, while at work, Alexander received the DM on Twitter from a journalist friend who was not mentioned in the video or Lenihan article: “Wow,” it read, “I just saw that crazy death threat against you and the other journalists and activists Quillette has been targeting. Are you doing OK?” Indeed, his name showed up on a hitlist called “Sunset the Media” amid images of Nazi violence. The video, posted to YouTube by a fan of the neo-Nazi terror organisation Atomwaffen Division, featured the images of several journalists, suggesting we should be murdered. The video ended with a quote from Atomwaffen’s neo-Nazi guru, James Mason, regarding lone wolf attacks: “I do not urge anyone to do anything like that, but when it gets done, I won’t disown them.”

    The toxic situation online only intensified two days later when Lenihan’s article was posted to the fascist message board Stormfront, which has been linked to more than 100 murders.


  3. Ah, I really enjoy being a voyeur on these cat fights! I’d join in this lovefest, but three’s a crowd.

    (Don’t worry, this is my first and last uninvited comment in this public post.)


  4. Andy Ngo isn’t a journalist and he didn’t have a brain haemorrhage. I miss the days when you used to challenge obvious lies, rather than mindlessly regurgitate.


    1. When you are invited to write for any publication, let alone for one of Quillette’s high quality, you’ll get the right to judge who is a journalist. For now, you should stay quiet on that subject and think about what possesses you to defend beating people.


      1. I once saw a group of fat, ugly incels bitch about the Miss Universe contest because, according to them, all of the contestants were hideous. Their unanimous verdict was that they’d never agree to sleep with such ugly broads. They also were completely oblivious to how miserable they looked criticizing the contestants for not being “real beauties.”


        1. People who feel “short-changed” on account of certain faults they have (whether real or perceived) tend to resent it when others they perceive to be “faulty” as well manage to succeed in spite of THEIR shortcomings.


    1. David Gendron,
      That’s not quite the slam dunk you think it is.

      For example:
      You could just as easily apply Popper’s paradox of tolerance as an argument banning burqas and niqabs. People who wear burqas and niqabs are intolerant of the idea that women can move freely in public without covering their faces so if we allow that in a society in which women supposedly can move about freely in public we will soon cease to have a society in which this is true.

      Are you going to tell me that’s something “globalist orthodoxy” would espouse?


  5. The irony here is that Ngo is a person of color and gay!

    Also, as Jesse Singal and others are pointing out on Twitter: It’s now controversial to assert that it is wrong to assault journalists!


    1. A group of burly white guys beat up a gay Asian man, and it’s a huge win in a fight against white supremacy. And a crowd of seemingly progressive people fail to see a problem with this.


      1. How is it even relevant? It’s also not ok to beat up non-journalists because you don’t like their opinions.


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