Klara says, “Mommy, I’m Miss American Pie and you are Miss Speaks Many Languages.”

A New Veep for Trump

People are floating a suggestion that Trump should dump Pence (yay!) and choose Tucker as veep (oy). It’s not going to happen because I watched Tucker’s interview with Trump yesterday, and it was very uncomfortable. But Tucker should definitely run next time. I’d totally vote for him.

Bernie on Busing

Bernie is a voice of reason on busing:

“No, we’ve — busing is certainly an option that is necessary in certain cases, but it is not the optimal,” Sanders said. “Does anybody think it’s a good idea to put a kid on a bus, travel an hour to another school and to another neighborhood that he or she doesn’t know? That’s not the optimal. What is the optimal is to have great community schools which are integrated, that’s what I think most people want to see. That’s what I want to see.”

God, I hope angry snowflakes don’t intimidate him into abandoning this eminently reasonable position, at least.

This is one of the gubizillion reasons he’s better than Harris.

How Normal People Think

The person who wrote this article about the Beatles is a very, very stupid person. I hate this kind of preachy, self-righteous writing. The website that published the piece is garbage.

But I don’t want this author to come to any harm. I also don’t want him to be censored in any way This doesn’t make me especially moral. It simply means I’m normal.

Stand up for Art and History

Here is a very important petition I’d like everybody to consider signing.

Let’s stand up for art and history.

“Preserve Victor Arnautoff’s mural in George Washington High School!
The “Reflection and Action Group” appointed by the San Francisco Unified School District has recommended that all thirteen panels of a mural painted in 1935-6 by Russian émigré artist Victor Arnautoff at George Washington High School be painted out because, in the words of the group’s recommendation, “the mural . . . glorifies slavery, genocide, colonization, manifest destiny, white supremacy… [and]… oppression.”

However, given Arnautoff’s political beliefs, and according to a recent 2017 biography by Dr. Robert Cherny, Victor Arnautoff and the Politics of Art, the purpose of these murals was to present a counter-narrative to typical high school textbooks of the day and to highlight exploitation and oppression of people of color in the United States.

Do Some Thinking

Folks, I hate to break this to you but if you think that it’s ok to beat up people you disagree with, something is very deeply wrong with you.

I detest Rachel Maddow. What she does is immoral and it makes me feel uncomfortable to speak my language in public. But I don’t want her to get harmed in any way, God forbid! I don’t want her to be censored or doxxed or her show to be cancelled because I happen to disagree with her.

And if somebody were to hurt Maddow (or any of the million people I disagree with), I wouldn’t spend my time on inane discussions of whether she’s a real journalist or what is the exact recipe of the milkshake she got poured on her face. I’d condemn the assault because that’s what it means to be a normal person.

Those who find this idea too complicated have got some serious thinking to do.

FB Geniuses

I think many people have no idea how Facebook works. Today, on one of the mommy pages, there is a mile-long discussion where women share their experiences with anal sex with a lot of physiological details that pertain not only to them but to their husbands and boyfriends. Not only do they do it under their own names, they seem to think there’s some expectation of privacy in the discussion.

400+ comments into the thread, one of these geniuses finally wonders, “Hey, you don’t think my friends can see what I’m saying here?” It’s too late, of course, because every relative and co-worker she ever friended has been forced by FB to read her confessions.

Every time I go on FB I’m stunned by the amount of personal information people disclose under their own names just because some complete stranger asked them to.

“I’ve got this weird discharge in my underwear, here’s a photo, has anybody had anything like this?”

“So last night in bed my husband did this weird thing where he [excruciating physiological details], how would you react in my place?”

Or somebody goes, “share how you lost your virginity!” And a thousand eager fools begin to share.

I understand that some people are exhibitionists. But there is a million places online to do this anonymously. FB shoves the comments you make on discussion pages under your friends’ and relatives’ noses. You don’t know who is using your information and in what way.

One genius informed a local FB group she’s pregnant but isn’t ready to share with anybody she knows. Of course, everybody she knows lives locally and reads the same FB page.

Another one was reporting, almost daily, the deterioration of her relationship with her mother-in-law. With every FB complaint, the relationship grew worse. “It’s almost as if the bitch is reading what I right here!” the woman wondered.

There are sad cases, too. A woman was plotting an escape from an abusive boyfriend. And sharing every detail on FB. She was stunned to find out that the abusive boyfriend was reading everything she posted in real time and her escape failed. Two lone voices begging her not to publicize the details of her plan were lost in the sea of “supportive” idiots who were encouraging the woman to share more.