How Normal People Think

The person who wrote this article about the Beatles is a very, very stupid person. I hate this kind of preachy, self-righteous writing. The website that published the piece is garbage.

But I don’t want this author to come to any harm. I also don’t want him to be censored in any way This doesn’t make me especially moral. It simply means I’m normal.

3 thoughts on “How Normal People Think”

  1. I wouldn’t mind if people dislike his work, his page views slip, and he has to adjust his writing to keep earning a living at it. There’s nothing wrong with annoying, tedious essays being bad for the career.

    But I wouldn’t want an angry mob to demand his firing and his exile from professional life. Fortunately for him, his thoughts are so politically correct that no mob will go after him.

    What dismays me is that there’s a huge market for “I saw this movie and realized that it can be interpreted as indirectly endorsing a Wrong-Thinking worldview. I must inform the world that this is Wrong so that people do not get politically contaminated!”

    It reminds me of this observation by Cathy Young:


    1. That’s exactly why it bugs me so much. It’s so Soviet! The only reason why Soviet people were allowed to read Cervantes was because some inventive literary critic found a way to argue he was a proto-social realist writer. Nobody managed to make that argument for James Joyce, so we couldn’t read Ulysses. Or Virginia Woolf. Or many other writers. There weren’t enough literary critics to do this for every work of world literature,so we were screwed. Nobody could argue that Juan Rulfo, Quevedo or Unamuno were social realists, so I didn’t know they existed until I emigrated. And now I’m finding the same eminently stupid approach in the place where I emigrated. This makes me so angry.


  2. Congratulations, someone gets paid to write exegeses of fluffy movies thus putting their expensive liberal arts education to use and it’s annoying. :-p It’s like using the Hubble telescope to burn a bunch of ants (yes, yes, only far sighted lenses work for this kind of thing.)

    You could write much the same article throw in some references to Descartesian mind body dualism and the myth of Er to triumphantly claim that the Beatles transcends all time, context and identity locations.


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