Zakaria Parts Ways with the Crazies

The leftist narrative on immigration is so completely insane that only complete lemmings can take it seriously. Anybody with a minimally functioning brain understands that it’s crazy, inhumane, and dangerous.

Fareed Zakaria is an example of this. He’s not stupid, so he realized that we are being fed a bunch of ridiculous lies. I’m hoping more people will start to wake up and will stop accepting the crazy stories liberals tell about immigration. Then it will finally possible to put an end to this nightmare where hundreds of thousands of people are exploited to enrich a few and to let a small bunch of pampered leftie fools to feel self-righteous and benevolent.

P.S. I actually didn’t know that people who apply for refugee status have the right to work in the US while their claim is processed. People who know my family immigration history understand why I find it hilarious.