Zakaria Parts Ways with the Crazies

The leftist narrative on immigration is so completely insane that only complete lemmings can take it seriously. Anybody with a minimally functioning brain understands that it’s crazy, inhumane, and dangerous.

Fareed Zakaria is an example of this. He’s not stupid, so he realized that we are being fed a bunch of ridiculous lies. I’m hoping more people will start to wake up and will stop accepting the crazy stories liberals tell about immigration. Then it will finally possible to put an end to this nightmare where hundreds of thousands of people are exploited to enrich a few and to let a small bunch of pampered leftie fools to feel self-righteous and benevolent.

P.S. I actually didn’t know that people who apply for refugee status have the right to work in the US while their claim is processed. People who know my family immigration history understand why I find it hilarious.

9 thoughts on “Zakaria Parts Ways with the Crazies”

  1. Well – wouldn’t you have liked your family to be able to work, and are you saying you want people either to be independently wealthy or on welfare (I thought you thought “we” could not afford this, but could only afford expensive incarceration)?


    1. I’d like the system to be a little bit less blatantly exploitative.

      As for asylum seekers, as I said many times before, I don’t want them to cross the border to apply at all. The journey is horrible, as you well know. I believe that nobody should be subjected to it.

      Look at the poor people from the Congo or Angola and the way they have to trek across the world to get to the border. This is insane! People should only be able to apply at embassies and consulates. Any consulates, not just the ones in their countries for those who are in immediate danger.


      1. Some of the rules on asylum seekers come from post WWII revisions. Anne Frank’s family’s applications at consulates, for instance, were lost, and there were ships of legit refugees turned away (US very anti-Semitic then and it is why they are so guilt ridden now). I’m not saying trekking is good but it’s not clear to me where people in immediate danger in their homes are supposed to stay to wait.

        General system, exploitative, yes, but as I keep saying that’s the deep structure of the US economy. I’ve decided that in view of the climate situation especially, I’m for open borders. Comments on this article caricature it, but I think it’s quite good


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