Better in 2009

I just saw somebody, a very brilliant, normally reasonable person, write on FB that US was doing so much better in 2009. Because Trump wasn’t president then, obviously.

People have gone very, very loopy. They don’t believe what they see or what they experience. Instead, they believe what they read online.

Art Class

Turns out there’s a free weekly art class for kids at our local art center. We just went, and it’s great. The class takes place at an art gallery, so kids are surrounded by art during the lesson. The supplies are provided, the teacher is a professional art teacher, you don’t need to register or do anything other than show up. It’s really cool. They have all kinds of free art classes, pottery, ceramics, painting, etc but we went to the class for little ones where we made art using contact paper and bits of colored paper. Yesterday Klara learned to color inside lines, so she did that, too.

I will never get over how well things are organized for small kids around here. My list of activities one can do with a kid for free or very cheaply is growing. I never love this country more than when I see this kind of thing.