Silver Lining

If Trump hadn’t been elected, Epstein’s pedophilia would still be covered up. At least now, the dream of finding a Trump connection is motivating people who didn’t give a drat for 15 years to do something.

I’ll take it. As long as Epstein ends up in jail forever, I don’t care how we get there. That vile piece of trash.


I’m so psyched about meeting this person because I haven’t made any friends here in 10 years. I’m friendly with my colleagues, they are all great people but we are not friends in the sense of hanging out together outside of work.

I made one actual friend here but she turned out to be… not the right friend for me. I’m lonely! I don’t know how to meet people. And when I do, I always latch on to people who are not going to work out as friends for me. I was better at this before I came here but it gets harder with age. Inside I still feel like that kid who always stood in the corner alone at recess.

But hey, there’s hope. Last week I talked to the analyst about this, got some pointers, and today I already met somebody I have a good feeling about.

The Census Question

Canada, by the way, does ask about citizenship on the Census. That doesn’t prevent it from being aggressively pro-immigration.

We are being fed a bunch of lies and we swallow them unthinkingly. “Only Nazis ask about citizenship on the census!” No, pretty much everyone does. And it’s all very reasonable and utterly uncontroversial. It only becomes controversial when you bring in an enormous illegal underclass that you want to exploit and socialize the costs. It’s harder to socialize the costs if voters find out how large it is. So you don’t let them find out. And invent a ridiculous story about how the number magically remains unchanged since 2004.

The Best Investigative Reporting

The best investigative journalism, by the way, is done in El Salvador. Amazing, kick-ass, best in the world journalism. And nobody complains about budget cuts and lack of funding, like here in the US.

You’ll say it’s because they have a lot to investigate. OK, true, but how about Ukraine? Ukraine has a ton to investigate but zero investigative reporting. Definitely nothing long-form. But we do the best mocking 3-liners on the planet.

In Mexico there are good investigative journalists who can write but they invariably push some political agenda and do it very heavy-handedly.

In the US, reporters have a lot of resources, so theoretically they could do investigative reporting but they rarely do because all they want to investigate is themselves. They can’t get out of the way of the story. They can’t stop opining, lecturing, soul-baring, and oversharing and just tell the story. There are a few rare exceptions – Sam Quinones, for example – but mostly US reporters will me-me-me you to death before they tell you anything. Barbara Ehrenreich is a good example of this trend but there are dozens.

There is such a vacuum in the US where investigative reporting should be that now people who have zero training in journalism, like Arnade, are starting to do it.

How about Western Europe? Does anybody know? Are there book-length investigative reports that you read and found amazing?