After spending 10 years at this university, I finally met someone, a colleague in hard sciences, who is like me. Meaning, a fanatical research scholar who can’t formulate a sentence without using the word “research.”

And where did I meet this person?

At church.

7 thoughts on “Finally”

  1. This explains why the Dem primary candidates are saying the things they are saying

    For the record, the GOP primary electorate looks similar in terms of education, so this isn’t illustrating some grand difference between the parties. But it explains a lot about our politics.

    Also worth noting this is congressional primaries. There’s way more uneducated voters in presidential primaries, so imo Dems are being foolish. Right now it seems like Biden is the only candidate with a fighting chance of doing well with voters without a college degree in the primary.


    1. And the Democrats are doing all they can to destroy Biden before he gets a chance to run against Trump.

      I still think Bernie has good chances of beating Trump but he’s making it harder for himself every day.


      1. When all the frontrunners are desperately trying to emulate each other, what is there even to distinguish the different candidates? You get the same raw deal no matter what. There is their political records, of course, but weirdly enough the media isn’t covering that with any critical depth. I end up having to look into this shit myself. People shouldn’t have to read old California newspapers to learn anything meaningful about Kamala’s record as prosecutor.

        I doubt Bernie can even win the primary at this point, his campaign is shoddy. If he ends up having a chance by the time he makes it to Ohio he’ll have my vote but I doubt that will be the case.


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