Tucker Defends Arnautoff

Tucker covered the attempts to destroy the Arnautoff mural in San Francisco. Does anybody know if other networks have been covering this story?

The segment showed the murals in great detail. Tucker has two million viewers. This is two million people who have seen this art thanks to him and have discovered what’s going on.

I fail to see how that’s a bad thing.

Truth about Epstein

Everybody who’s been trying to bring to light the truth about Epstein’s pedophilia for years was shut down. Here’s Vicky Ward who tried reporting on the story 16 years ago. It’s disgraceful.

I hope somebody investigates Krischer. He dismantled the police investigation that brought him Epstein on a silver platter 12 years ago. I’m sure there is more to this than negligence.

Female Soccer

The Female Soccer World Cup isn’t an athletic competition. It’s a test of where women have decent lives and / or which regions are capable of embracing capitalism. That’s why my soccer-crazy region is completely absent, the soccer-crazy Central America is, too, and Asia had twice as many countries as Latin America.

So I’m happy we won on several levels.