Female Soccer

The Female Soccer World Cup isn’t an athletic competition. It’s a test of where women have decent lives and / or which regions are capable of embracing capitalism. That’s why my soccer-crazy region is completely absent, the soccer-crazy Central America is, too, and Asia had twice as many countries as Latin America.

So I’m happy we won on several levels.

6 thoughts on “Female Soccer”

    1. It’s obviously better than any existing alternative. And it gave birth to feminism, which is a huge plus.

      But everything has the potential to go in a bad direction. Take feminism. A wonderful thing that is currently going completely off the rails. Should we not criticize its excesses because the basic idea is great? Obviously not.


      1. So we very well may largely be on the same page here. Keep in mind that free marketers do not worship markets. We are non-utopians who accept markets as better than the alternative. As a free marketer, I am inclined to take a more aggressive stance in defending markets than I might prefer because what I hear when markets are attacked is some kind of implied defense of some alternative based on government violence. It is similar to feminism. Feminism might be flawed but any male (like me) who attacks feminism carries a heavy burden of proof that they are not apologists for patriarchy. This is the case even when the criticism is correct. You may be right on the facts but if you are not part of the community then maybe you are better off not being part of the conversation.


  1. It’s an athletic competition, just not a fully global one. Indeed, I agree that the competitors are only those countries where women are not treated like utter shit, so all theocracies and deeply macho cultures are obviously out.


  2. “It’s a test of where women have decent lives and / or which regions are capable of embracing capitalism”

    I’d say there’s some correlation but only to a moderate degree since qualifying is by partly by region rather than pure meritocracy, when I think of countries where women have decent lives Nigeria and China don’t exactly leap to mind.

    The correlation is much stronger when you get to the quarterfinals which featured the USA and seven Western European teams.


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