We are at 100°F with 86% humidity. Yesterday, I visited a doctor and had to walk 100 feet to the building from my car. I entered the elevator at the same time as a guy a bit older than me who had also just come in to the building.

“Jeez, that was brutal,” the guy gasped. And it was. Every time I go outside for 15 minutes during the day, I have to take a break from work to recover my brain function. I tried to take my kid out yesterday and she asked me to go home after 10 minutes. This is a kid who never wants to be inside, by the way.

It gets really really hot and humid around here. Older people and small kids suffer. We can’t do without the AC. I’d simply not be able to work from May to October without it. So I hate people who rag on the AC because the AC saves lives.

And yes, I lived without the AC back in Ukraine. And it was really really bad. One of the most wonderful discoveries I made upon arriving in Canada (Montreal is brutally hot in summer) was the AC. It was like growing wings.

A Lost Educational Opportunity

Tucker is running the Arnautoff story for the second day in a row. I’m really glad he isn’t letting it die.

He showed the school hearing where students are wailing about how the mural is hurting them. It’s an absolute disgrace how impressionable, hormonal kids are being riled up by disgusting, evil adults to attack the art. Instead of educating the kids on the art and the talented artist who created it, they are winding them up into hysterical outbursts. As a teacher, I find this absolutely unprofessional and wrong. This could be a great opportunity to teach students something really fascinating. Arnautoff was such an interesting fellow with a career in art that students really need to hear about.

It’s not only art that’s being destroyed but an opportunity to teach. What a disgrace.

A guy called Ethan Bearman came on Tucker to defend the destruction of the mural saying it’s ok because “we have photographs of it.” I mean, seriously.

Bearman also said that the mural lowers test scores.

I look at folks like Bearman and think, “I can’t be on whatever side such people are. I just can’t.”

Understanding Politics

The only people who understand how politics works are Evangelicals. They don’t vote on identity. They vote on issues. They don’t go looking for a Bible thumper who’ll be “just like” them. For them, politicians aren’t mirrors. They are instruments to get what they want.

And while identity-crazy fools keep snickering at “the dumb Evangelicals who are too stupid to notice that Trump doesn’t know Scripture,” the Evangelicals are getting a lot more from the very unreligious Trump than we ever did from our identity picks.

Not even eight years of Obama taught us anything. We are so dumb.

War on the Poor

Kamala Harris proposes to make it easier for credit card companies to collapse your credit rating by taking into account late payments on utilities, cell phone services and rent. Currently, these late payments aren’t taken into account when credit card ratings are calculated. Those of you who have experienced poverty know what this change would mean.

She is also proposing to fund a repetition of the 2008-9 financial crisis by helping people make downpayments on houses they can’t afford. Because real estate never depreciates and 2008-9 never happened.

But she bleated something teary about racism, so she must be wonderful.