A Lost Educational Opportunity

Tucker is running the Arnautoff story for the second day in a row. I’m really glad he isn’t letting it die.

He showed the school hearing where students are wailing about how the mural is hurting them. It’s an absolute disgrace how impressionable, hormonal kids are being riled up by disgusting, evil adults to attack the art. Instead of educating the kids on the art and the talented artist who created it, they are winding them up into hysterical outbursts. As a teacher, I find this absolutely unprofessional and wrong. This could be a great opportunity to teach students something really fascinating. Arnautoff was such an interesting fellow with a career in art that students really need to hear about.

It’s not only art that’s being destroyed but an opportunity to teach. What a disgrace.

A guy called Ethan Bearman came on Tucker to defend the destruction of the mural saying it’s ok because “we have photographs of it.” I mean, seriously.

Bearman also said that the mural lowers test scores.

I look at folks like Bearman and think, “I can’t be on whatever side such people are. I just can’t.”

10 thoughts on “A Lost Educational Opportunity”

      1. “Yet their scores are pretty high.”

        Must have been the students too near-sighted to see the painting while they walked to school. (Or maybe too color-blind to see that the slaves were black and the Indian was red.)


        1. Tucker ran the story for the third day in a row and invited a liberal Broadway producer who said he was stunned to find himself on Fox News but MSNBC wouldn’t cover this so what can he do?

          What’s Maddow covering? Mueller still?


          1. “What’s Maddow covering?”

            Who knows? Every time I switch to her show, she’s reading aloud from a block of text displayed on the screen, cut and pasted from some printed document. You don’t see her face at all, smirking hysterically while she waves her hands in an apparent effort to brush invisible insects away.

            Hey, televised Rhodes Scholar lady, I can read! You don’t need to take three minutes to pronounce fifty printed words that any normal adult can read in fifteen seconds.

            And if you think that Maddow is insane, try watching Don Lemon’s CNN show. Tonight presidential candidate Cory Booker was speechless because Mitch McConnell had dared to say that he and Obama were both against reparations, and both were descended from slave owners.


        2. It’s an almost-all-minority school but a lot has been written about how that doesn’t mean there isn’t an achievement gap (15% of the students are still learning English, are recent arrivals, and then there’s another 12% who also don’t qualify for a 4-year public university in CA). I have a feeling the destruction of the murals is supposed to close that achievement gap, that is, is justified by the perception that this would be a way to do it.


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