We are at 100°F with 86% humidity. Yesterday, I visited a doctor and had to walk 100 feet to the building from my car. I entered the elevator at the same time as a guy a bit older than me who had also just come in to the building.

“Jeez, that was brutal,” the guy gasped. And it was. Every time I go outside for 15 minutes during the day, I have to take a break from work to recover my brain function. I tried to take my kid out yesterday and she asked me to go home after 10 minutes. This is a kid who never wants to be inside, by the way.

It gets really really hot and humid around here. Older people and small kids suffer. We can’t do without the AC. I’d simply not be able to work from May to October without it. So I hate people who rag on the AC because the AC saves lives.

And yes, I lived without the AC back in Ukraine. And it was really really bad. One of the most wonderful discoveries I made upon arriving in Canada (Montreal is brutally hot in summer) was the AC. It was like growing wings.

10 thoughts on “AC”

  1. Hey, lady, you get no sympathy from me. The temperature today in Arizona was 111 degrees with a humidity of 12%.

    I rejoiced in the glorious warmth as I walked the 30 feet or so from my front door to the community mailbox around the corner, and I never broke a sweat, and never worried at all about whether those intense transient UV rays might be giving my elderly skin cancer.

    If you’re worried about dying in a jungle, why don’t you move to a civilized state?


    1. I love living here (except for the heat) but I increasingly hate my job. It’s such a great place to live but the love I used to have for my school has turned into hatred. It’s very sad.

      So yeah, it isn’t out of the question.


  2. I hate when people bash AC. I’ve never had it, and now that I have a full-time job I’m making arrangements to get a small window unit as soon as possible. On top of being exhausted during the day, I can’t sleep if I’m too hot, which is often. Summers where I am can be brutal in humidity and lack of air current, too.

    And it’s the humidity that’s really the killer. 86% is awful enough to feel like you’re choking.


      1. Thank you! It’s pretty awesome — I’ve been there almost a year now and I actually have an idea of what I want to do career-wise. I work in a clinical receiving lab at a hospital; in short, we receive specimens like blood and whatnot and get them to where they need to go. It’s a good starting position for someone looking to work in a lab (everything else tends to require experience). And the people are excellent.

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  3. The problem with AC, in North America at least, is that it is always set too cold, which makes a brutal contrast when you venture outside. 24-25 degrees is just fine. Not 18. Celcius.


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