Understanding Politics

The only people who understand how politics works are Evangelicals. They don’t vote on identity. They vote on issues. They don’t go looking for a Bible thumper who’ll be “just like” them. For them, politicians aren’t mirrors. They are instruments to get what they want.

And while identity-crazy fools keep snickering at “the dumb Evangelicals who are too stupid to notice that Trump doesn’t know Scripture,” the Evangelicals are getting a lot more from the very unreligious Trump than we ever did from our identity picks.

Not even eight years of Obama taught us anything. We are so dumb.

One thought on “Understanding Politics”

  1. The realistic options in US are conservative and reactionary. There were realistic liberal and left options in the past but they’ve been stomped out systematically. People even thought Carter was too left wing and it is why he couldn’t have a second term.


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