Tucker vs Ilhan Omar

There is this thing practiced by third world people (of whom I’m one) where we tell Westerners whatever they want to hear to get stuff from them. I observed it a lot (and participated on a couple of occasions) after the USSR collapsed and foreigners started descending on us in affirmation-hungry droves.

For the benefit of the religious Westerners we pretended to be desperate for religious enlightenment. With Zionists we shared stories of (often completely fake) frustrated Jewishness. With feminists, we parroted the incomprehensible language of gender struggles. For the free marketeers we playacted entrepreneurial longings. They bought it every single time. And gratefully dispensed cash and goodies in exchange for having their confirmation bias nourished by us.

So Tucker Carlson is wrong when he says Ilhan Omar is disappointed and enraged by the US. She’s simply giving the Westerners what they want. And they are repaying her with cash and goodies. Sure, it’s a grift but I blame the idiot Westerners who are too hungry for validation to notice that they are being had.

Illinois Undermines Marriage

I’m going to become a very well-read person. Illinois state licensing regulations mandate a two-hour daytime nap. And if Klara gets a two-hour nap, it takes forever to put her to sleep at night. I read my Kindle under her bed while she tries to fall asleep. So I’ll get a ton of reading done before she goes to school and the nap disappears.

It all sounds good but I miss my husband. We barely even meet anymore. These state regulations are not conducive to happy marriages.

Bernie: Time to Wake Up

Bernie dropped 12 points to 15% from his June number of 27%.

How is catering to the snowflakes going for you, Bernie? Asking as a supporter who wants you to do as great as I know you can if you kick idiots out of your campaign and remember the people who want to support you. The snowflakes won’t choose you anyway! Your wasting your time and your support on them.

Ross Perot

I wasn’t on this continent when Ross Perot ran, so I knew nothing about him. But Tucker showed a couple of clips – the one with “the giant sucking sound” that I guess everybody knew, etc – and I’m thinking, if he got elected instead of the horn dog fellow, we wouldn’t be having a Trump presidency now.