Bernie: Time to Wake Up

Bernie dropped 12 points to 15% from his June number of 27%.

How is catering to the snowflakes going for you, Bernie? Asking as a supporter who wants you to do as great as I know you can if you kick idiots out of your campaign and remember the people who want to support you. The snowflakes won’t choose you anyway! Your wasting your time and your support on them.

15 thoughts on “Bernie: Time to Wake Up”

  1. He could give in completely to the demands of the snowflakes and they would still claim he’s not sufficiently anti-racist, pro-feminist, pro-LGBT rights, etc.


        1. Of course, I can. This will attract a growing number of migrants which, the proponents hope, will make elections unnecessary in the future because Democrats will have a guaranteed majority everywhere, like they do in California.


        1. Hey, Tucker alsoo had a guest who said murals depress test scores in San Francisco. That’s pretty lunatic, too.

          Maddow had a guest claiming that Russia is financing John Birchers. That’s pretty crazy. If you want to list all guests who say nutty things on TV, you could spend the rest of your life doing it.


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