Illinois Undermines Marriage

I’m going to become a very well-read person. Illinois state licensing regulations mandate a two-hour daytime nap. And if Klara gets a two-hour nap, it takes forever to put her to sleep at night. I read my Kindle under her bed while she tries to fall asleep. So I’ll get a ton of reading done before she goes to school and the nap disappears.

It all sounds good but I miss my husband. We barely even meet anymore. These state regulations are not conducive to happy marriages.

6 thoughts on “Illinois Undermines Marriage”

  1. What really sucks about that law is that daycares can only let a kid who can’t sleep get up after an hour of “resting.” Which means a kid who can’t sleep for whatever reason has to sit still and do nothing for an hour, which is an eternity when you’re that little.


  2. My son was fine napping and fine not napping. And it didn’t affect bedtime much at all. But ask him to be quiet for an hour while other kids napped, and you got screaming and yelling. He apparently decided that if the other kids WEREN’T sleeping, then the grownups would stop telling him to be quiet, so he woke them all up. I am SOOOOOO glad we no longer have to deal with mandated naptime.


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