Ross Perot

I wasn’t on this continent when Ross Perot ran, so I knew nothing about him. But Tucker showed a couple of clips – the one with “the giant sucking sound” that I guess everybody knew, etc – and I’m thinking, if he got elected instead of the horn dog fellow, we wouldn’t be having a Trump presidency now.

7 thoughts on “Ross Perot”

  1. Part of why he lost is he stupidly dropped out of the race and then came back in. He probably wouldn’t have won anyway, but that killed any chance he might’ve had. I’d settle for an alternative past where Clinton didn’t pass NAFTA tbh.


      1. Ha! When you look at the Dana Carvey impersonations of Perot and Bush elder, you’ll understand. Clinton could turn on the charm, er, smarm when he needed. He went on Arsenio and played the sax.
        Of course, I was small and I didn’t come from a super political family so my political understanding came from late night shows even though my parents made me go to bed at 8:30 pm.

        My diary at the time says I thought both Bush elder and Clinton were admirable after I saw a documentary.

        Bush elder, afaik, made a campaign promise, “No new taxes” which he reneged on and that upset his previous voters?


      2. Fun, friendly, seems like a “regular guy” and not some elite. I liked him before I learned more about him (both in terms of policy and in terms of “he goes on plane rides with Epstein.”)


      3. “Clinton was such a douche. I have no idea why anybody was for him”

        Charisma. He had it in spades. I read one account of a person (I think a woman but not sure now) who hated and despised his policies and wanted to be sure to tell him so when they were scheduled to meet but during the meeting they just… melted, overwhelmed by his charisma.
        The spell he cast with his charisma lasted a loooong time. It’s gone now because he’s not in the public eye enough and is too old and less energetic than he was.


  2. But Clinton was kind of icky in person. People said he had irresistible magnetism but I found it creepy. I remember this from campaign visits down here, when he was from Arkansas. Perot wasn’t wrong on NAFTA and this was known then.


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