Tucker vs Ilhan Omar

There is this thing practiced by third world people (of whom I’m one) where we tell Westerners whatever they want to hear to get stuff from them. I observed it a lot (and participated on a couple of occasions) after the USSR collapsed and foreigners started descending on us in affirmation-hungry droves.

For the benefit of the religious Westerners we pretended to be desperate for religious enlightenment. With Zionists we shared stories of (often completely fake) frustrated Jewishness. With feminists, we parroted the incomprehensible language of gender struggles. For the free marketeers we playacted entrepreneurial longings. They bought it every single time. And gratefully dispensed cash and goodies in exchange for having their confirmation bias nourished by us.

So Tucker Carlson is wrong when he says Ilhan Omar is disappointed and enraged by the US. She’s simply giving the Westerners what they want. And they are repaying her with cash and goodies. Sure, it’s a grift but I blame the idiot Westerners who are too hungry for validation to notice that they are being had.

14 thoughts on “Tucker vs Ilhan Omar”

  1. Yup, I’ve observed the phenomenon you’re describing.

    I’m commenting to nitpick about you saying you’re from a third-world country 🙂 You’re not, by definition, because the whole two worlds thing was about the West vs communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. The third-world countries were in neither of these two blocks and also happened to be poor, so that’s how “third-world” became a synonym for “poor”.

    We’re both from a second-world country.


    1. “We’re both from a second-world country”

      I would say that was true up until some time in the early 1990s. But without the cold war the previous second world countries separated out into those willing and able to join the first world (even if it took a while and they’re not all the way there yet) and those that were neither willing nor able to pull themselves out of socialist dysfunction (which lasted long after socialism was taken away).

      Most of the former Soviet Republics (maybe all except the Baltics) belong to the latter group. Starting around 2004 Ukraine has been making some effort but, as these processes take a very long time and operate in a frustrating three steps forward two steps back manner… it’s not gotten that far (Zelensky represents a huge step backward) though I fully expect things to switch back on after a couple of years.

      The argument can be made that after 1995 or so there is no longer any second world just an increasing socio-cultural gap between the first and third worlds.


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