A Great Experience

From the New York Times:

“Dayvin Mungia, 7, arrived from El Salvador at South Grade Elementary in South Florida last year with, it seemed, no schooling at all. “He didn’t even recognize the first letter of his name,” said Nicol Sakellarios, his second-grade teacher…

Laura Martin, 16, who attended school for only three years in Guatemala and speaks an indigenous language, plans to enroll in high school in Florida next month. “Illiterate” and “0” were scrawled on a math work sheet that she tried and failed to complete after she made her way across the border in May.

Migrant children arriving in record numbers are creating challenges for school districts across the country. Many of the newcomers have disjointed or little schooling; their parents, often with limited reading and writing skills themselves and no familiarity with the American education system, are unable to help… Last year, the Palm Beach County school district enrolled 4,555 Guatemalan students in K through 12, nearly 50 percent more than two years earlier. Many of the students come from the country’s remote highlands and speak neither Spanish nor English. The number of elementary school students in K through 5 more than doubled to 2,119 in that same period.

But remember, this isn’t welfare. It’s a great experience for everybody in those schools and it’s wrong to deny this experience to as many people as possible. I say, let’s punish these teachers for not getting every kid in the school college ready. Wait, we already do. Well, everything is in order then.

4 thoughts on “A Great Experience”

  1. Well, they shouldn’t have defunded the schools. School has always been intended as assimilation venue, integration, etc. That’s part of why to freakin’ have them, funded, and not be penalizing teachers for having students who come in with Issues.


  2. And how, pray tell, are American teachers punished for ‘ for not getting every kid in the school college ready ‘ ? Are their wages docked, are they fired, are they imprisoned, are they ritually beaten in public spaces?


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