Black Mermaid

I’m totally into the idea of making the mermaid black. I spend all day going, “yes, you absolutely look like Elsa. Yes, you are a spitting image of Rapunzel.” I once suggested Klara could be Anna for a change because she has more of Anna’s personality but this caused extreme offense because Anna’s hair is red. This shit really matters to toddlers. If they don’t have a character who looks like them, they get really sad. So I think adults should suck it up and deal with a black mermaid.

It’s very weird for adults to care. As long as the babies are happy, who cares what the characters look like?

6 thoughts on “Black Mermaid”

  1. It’s not like Ariel was a redhead in the original story, or like her race or physical appearance were at all relevant to the story. Some people are weirdly attached to making sure there’s no deviation from the Disney version of these stories and it’s weird.


  2. There have been studies that have revealed that the less positive exposure little kids get to characters with their physical characteristics, the less they regard their own appearances as desirable (I think they used dolls and pictures of dolls — kids who were exposed to stories where the main character looked like them were more likely to choose to play with the dolls who shared those characteristics, and were also more likely to describe them positively).

    This is part of the reason that the Harry Potter character Hermione is portrayed as black in the new illustrated books, too. The illustrator mentioned something about it, I think. The kids who start reading those books tend to be on the younger side, and it’s just as important for them as it is for toddlers.


    1. Exactly. I wrote the post because I saw somebody on social media rant about how “this is not the mermaid we grew up with.” And my reaction was, “you grew up? Good news, you can now stop feeling attached to cartoon characters.”

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