More Research

Research-wise, I think have taken on more than I can handle. The book, the edited volume, an article for the edited volume, two articles, two conference talks, two book reviews – all on the subjects ranging from the Basques to Central American literature to feminism to poetry of the crisis to children’s literature in the early 19th century. (There is an organizing principle, I promise. I’m not completely scatter-brained.)

I urgently need more psychological health to get it all done. It’s all in how much psychological health you’ve got.

By the way, reader Z, why aren’t you contributing to our edited volume? It’s feminism and transnationalism. You’d be great on this.

3 thoughts on “More Research”

  1. I have the same problem. That is why I did not propose for volume. I’m working now though on a critique of Sommer (Foundational Fictions) and I have an old, never-published piece anti-Anzaldúa that would need updating but that is actually quite great. Not sure of your deadlines, etc., and worried they might make me teach a 4th class in the fall, don’t want to promise where I cannot deliver, I’ll e-mail you / talk to you.


    1. Anti- Anzaldua! Man, It sounds so interesting.

      The due date for the articles will be December 15 (which we’ll probably extend to December 15). For now I just need an abstract and a short bio paragraph.

      Look, if you give me an abstract now but them discover you don’t have the time to finish the piece, that will be fine. We have enough participants already, so it won’t be a disaster for the volume. What I want is a breadth of viewpoints. We have some really cool proposals. Different forms of art, a lot of visual. Think about it! Would be cool to work together.


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