My Santa

I haven’t made any friends in 15 years. And lately, I’ve been feeling the void. I started getting weirdly attached to people I meet at conferences and stuff. It’s creepy.

So I told the analyst that I’m lonely and I want friends. We talked about it, and in the two weeks since the conversation, I already made two new friends. I spent the evening at one of the new friends’ house today.

The analyst is like Santa. I ask for stuff and I get it. It’s really funny how that works. I used to have terrible sleep issues, couldn’t fall asleep before 3 am for decades. Told the analyst and boom, it’s done, I now conk out at 11 pm. I also had an issue with late night eating where I’d get terribly hungry and scarf down a bunch of kotlety late at night. Told the analyst and boom, wish granted, no night time eating. I also couldn’t eat in front of people without having choking episodes. Told Santa and the problem is gone. Freak-outs at airports – gone. And so on and on.

It’s very cool.

8 thoughts on “My Santa”

    1. “For the readers, her analyst is not really a Santa”

      Well, thank you for explaining it to us, David. All “the readers” on this website could never have figured out a post as bizarrely complex as Clarissa’s without your help.

      Tell us something else: How have you determined that her therapist is a man?


          1. “Mine [Clarissa’s analyst], however, is gregarious, exuberant, he interrupts a lot, waves his hands about, and is very loud. And I don’t believe this is at all natural to him. He just has to be this way with me.”

            Congratulations, you did your research, and your supposition turned out to be correct! I would have guessed the opposite gender, because of the supposed empathy factor that concerns many clients. Clearly, Clarissa has made the right choice for her.

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  1. I’ve been seeing an analyst for a while and, while I do find her helpful, it’s nowhere near the Santa level. I feel it’s helpful to talk to someone completely openly, as I don’t get to do that otherwise, but so far no great breakthroughs that would have behavioral effects. But maybe that’s what I need?

    It’s awesome your analyst is so great for you!


  2. One question, Clarissa:
    If your social skills are, generally and innately, that lacking
    …how did you ever manage to meet and get to intimately know the man who is now your husband?


    1. One problem I never had was meeting men. I’m very popular with the gentlemen. 🙂

      But my husband’s social skills are a lot worse. I’m a picture of mental health compared to him. :-)))


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