Reading Adventures

Oh my God, everybody, I’m reading such a great book. I feel bad for everybody who doesn’t speak Spanish and can’t read it. A review is coming soon. But it’s so good that I’m about to start stopping people in the streets to tell them I’m having incredible fun reading.

To make this post interesting to those who are not me, I’ll share that Klara likes me to read to her aloud from my book as she falls asleep. Finally, she tired of the Spanish and demanded something in English. I obliged and started reading a book of literary criticism written in a particularly jargony style.

“Is that English, Mommy?” Klara asked suspiciously. “It doesn’t sound like English.” And she’s actually right.

7 thoughts on “Reading Adventures”

      1. I hope so. It sounds excellent.

        I got lucky with Irlanda and there was already a translation out. Why do you have to get me interested in new books that have no translations?!


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