OK, here’s a question. Does this blog have a mainstream opinion? Who sets it? Who dissents? What does it consist of?

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  1. One of the reasons why I like reading your blog is that your views do not fit neatly into right or left categories. After years of reading you, I can still be surprised by something you say. 🙂


  2. I’m not sure what you mean about a mainstream opinion….. as the hostess your views are kind of a norm and most readers agree about some things and disagree about others (needless to say different readers agree and disagree with different things).
    One of the interesting things about the blog is that your views evolve as you acquire new information, your views on Trump just after the election were pretty alarmist (Russian owned, will destroy the nation state…) and now they’re a lot more moderate (he’s not a ‘good’ president by any kind of rational measure but he’s not the kremlin puppet rolling disaster some people think he is either…. he’s even less willing to bomb the middle east than Obama!)
    Many blogs are written by people who don’t really change or let reality modify their views (the biggest weakness of the format) but there seems little danger of that here.


    1. People are incapable of letting new information reach their brains. It’s very sad. I always say that this is when one becomes really old. When your brain can’t process anything new and adjust your thinking.


  3. My questions are:

    So you have any beliefs which contradict the accepted mainstream opinion (in general society)?
    So you have any beliefs which contradict mainstream opinion on this blog?

    The questions are about the most outrageous beliefs, not about tiny things.


    1. I don’t think that my beliefs are mainstream on this blog. There is nobody here who shares my opinion on Trump or the Kavanaugh hearings. I’m guessing nobody had any interest in the social media boycott. Which is ok, I don’t need an echo chamber. But I always feel surprised when a write something and everybody agrees.


      1. I think the Kavanaugh hearings and the social media boycott are much less important than many other foundational things.

        For instance, one my belief – quite mainstream among Israelis and not mainstream at all on your blog – is about single motherhood. Just recently a very religious woman in her 40ies that I know gave birth to a child via artificial means after failing to get married. I think she made a right decision to herself, her parents and her child and disagree that choosing this option means treating a baby as a consumer item.

        Isn’t this subject 1 million times more important than disagreeing about Trump’s badness
        /goodness /effectiveness?


      2. “There is nobody here who shares my opinion on Trump or the Kavanaugh hearings.”

        This isn’t true. I pretty much agreed with almost everything you wrote about the Kavanaugh hearings, and agree with most of what you say about Trump (except that I don’t him to lose in 2020 to any of the totally insane Democratic presidential candidates currently running in their primary). And I agree with all of your post-election comments about Hillary.

        I’m not on any social media, wouldn’t have boycotted it on the 4th if I had been, since I think boycotts in general are a fruitless waste of time and effort.

        As for your literary tastes, I’d find your comments more interesting if you reviewed horror stories and melodramas.


  4. // The questions are about the most outrageous beliefs, not about tiny things.

    That’s why everybody can choose the most unusual, not PC part, even if one disagrees about many things with the mainstream.


  5. I would’ve defined it as what you say; it’s your blog, after all. Or we could define it just as the opinion that’s most common among blog readers, in which case it’s a consensus not defined by any one person (although we may influence each other, and you probably have the most influence of anyone.) Just look at the comments and see what opinion on a topic is most common, and that’s the mainstream. There is no “mainstream decider.”


  6. If there is a “mainstream opinion” aspect to this blog it would be one that attracts those who are inclined to think for themselves, those who can “smell bullshit a mile away”, and those who readily notice inconsistencies and can’t help pointing them out.


  7. Another Israeli mainstream view which I hold and which is rejected at this blog is that true nationalism and serving in one’s army as a combat soldier are things to be valued and be proud of. (I haven’t served as a combat soldier myself, but have relatives who have.)

    Of course, one can look at FSU and today’s Russian realities to understand why serving there and serving in Israel now are as different as black and white.

    I think people who experienced FSU and/or today’s American army only are influenced in their thinking profoundly by those experiences, so many blog readers cannot really understand where I am coming from despite being educated, smart people.


    1. Actually I think the military is important because naturally aggressive people exist and they need to have a chance to channel their aggression into socially legitimate pursuits. And most people can’t be heart surgeons, so that method is out.


      1. // Actually I think the military is important because naturally aggressive people exist

        Most IDF soldiers are normal usual people.

        When you talk about naturally aggressive people, I think about cases like

        “Azaria, the so-called “Hebron shooter,” was found guilty last year of killing Sharif, who several minutes earlier had attacked two IDF soldiers with a knife.”

        IDF does not need such soldiers whose main contribution lies in hurting our country internationally.

        Self-control is stressed in IDF and, I guess, many “naturally aggressive people” are not very good at it.

        I also think that ethnic conflict makes most people naturally aggressive towards their enemies. May be, the situation is different when American soldiers go to far away Muslim countries, but in cases like Israel no special inclination towards aggression is necesssary.

        Btw, in Russian case, are most Russians who are pro-war “naturally aggressive”?

        I think natural aggression theory may be true in some cases but completely false in others.


        1. People who are happy in the military have high degrees of aggression. It’s not a criticism. So do successful surgeons. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And yes, many naturally aggressive people socialize through masochism, which is popularly known as self-control.


          1. “People who are happy in the military have high degrees of aggression. ”

            Again, not true. I had a great 21-year career in the military, and nobody on your blog is more peace-loving than I am.


      1. And even myself….I don’t see the welfare state eradication as a priority right now, it’s only an ultimate goal for me.

        And if people want closed borders, I want welfare!


        1. I have more concerns about civil liberties, corporate welfare, excessive militarization, militarization of police, and over-regulation for the profit of crony capitalists (intellectual property, copyrights, subsidies, patents, etc..)


  8. About the Kavanaugh hearings, I still believe that he overreacted (yelling about Clinton’s conspiracy theories cannot be taken seriously in a job interview) to this, especially for a judge who thinks that presumption of innocence is too permissive.

    Hovewer, this Democrat political hoax about those false accusations against him were way more vicious and insane, and Kavanaugh is clearly the most professional of all the conservative judges.


    1. It’s been a year since the confirmation. No horrors have ensued. This whole hullabaloo was for nothing. Just like the whole drama about Trump is for nothing. This is all just for show.

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