Not So Funny

Funny, eh?

And then imagine if everybody you talk to in person (meaning not through a device) during the day suddenly gets like this professor. And stays like this for the next several years.

It really messes with your head. Doesn’t sound so funny any more.

3 thoughts on “Not So Funny”

  1. I think of MAGA hats as regular message garb and know that, MAGA hats or not, the politics of most students are against mine and perhaps against my being, although I still think the MAGA hats are just message garb like any other. From the MAGA hat wearers, though, I’ve learned that they do think of the hat as something aggressive…


  2. This professor teaches at Gonzaga, a Jesuit Catholic university that is fairly progressive on issues of diversity. Nevertheless, I guess I could tell this professor that just by teaching at an institution affiliated with the Catholic Church, he is implicitly supporting patriarchy, pedophilia, and homophobia. But to actually say this to this would be about as ridiculous as spending the amount of time he took to write an essay to complain about a student wearing a MAGA hat in his class.

    P.S. My attitude about this situation would be different if the student had previously been antagonistic toward the professor in a way that suggested racist bias on the student’s part.


  3. “would be about as ridiculous as spending the amount of time he took to write an essay to complain about…”

    You don’t understand — this professor was just SO enraged and consumed by his anger that psychologically he had only two choices: act like a professor and put 1,027 carefully chosen words to paper, or go full psychopath and beat some passerby to death with a crowbar in the local park.

    It’s called channeling your anger appropriately.


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