A Glitch

Every once in a while, I have to remind people that for those of us who come from my part of the world your defence of birth tourism is a defense of the right of our corrupt politicians and oligarchs to launder their dirty money by installing all of their wives and mistresses in Miami and NYC.

It’s a sensitive topic for us because the places we come from are destroyed by these evil shits who act with complete impunity. And you are helping them. There is a million ways to stop birth tourism while protecting the rights of actual immigrants, if anybody cared about this sort of thing. But nobody does, as we see time and again.

I wrote about all this many times before but it’s like a glitch in people’s minds that makes them erase this information no matter how many times I deliver it.

“I want the practice of birth tourism by our corrupt politicians and oligarchs to end.”


“But they are white.”


“They are very rich, powerful, and corrupt. And about 90% white.”

“Racist, racist, racist!!!!!!”

P.S. The Arkansas lady who likes to pose as a Muslim guy whenever I write about this, please go away. This topic is crazy enough without you.

6 thoughts on “A Glitch”

  1. I was not aware of this side of the story. I’ve only seen birth-tourism among the upper-middle class which is aspirational. (I’ve already grown as much as I have, in my home country and the only way for my kids to have a better life is to move to America. Birth tourism is a way to bypass the normal immigration process for the child.) I’m not even sure it’s inimical to American values, except for the somewhat gray ethical issues!

    But I had no idea about oligarch money laundering. That’s worrying, for sure.


    1. There are all kinds of ways to launder money though and you don’t actually need a baby to do it. And “birth tourism” is an abuse but is something Trumpy profits from, in those hotels.


  2. “There is a million ways to stop birth tourism while protecting the rights of actual immigrants”

    You’re trying to use logic on a pseudo-religious mindset, those who think of immigration to America as a kind of salvation have to make sure it’s always available to all. The fact that some only pretend to be saved doesn’t change that. Blocking off any road to salvation is condemning people to hell (ie living in some other country).


    1. People do see this as some hugely important gift they confer on others. Even when those others live in horrible conditions after emigration. They don’t seem to understand that the overwhelming majority of immigrants are very attached to their countries, cultures and languages and don’t in the least perceive them as hell.

      It’s totally like a religious thing. So weird.


  3. Feeling strange — when I read comments disrespecting Clarissa on her own website, I want to yell at these commenters “start your own blog” or “go back to Facebook if you dont like it here.”
    In all seriousness, give her a break. She’s the only writer around who can discern any nuance between now and the Bush years.


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